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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by, Jul 6, 2006.

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    Step 1. Import photos.
    It's really simple to make a start. Click +New and choose New photo
    slideshow. Select your favorite photos and add.

    Step 2. Optimize your photos.
    Select the photo that need to be optimized and click EDIT to adjust
    Brightness,Contrast, Blur,Mosaci, etc. Click DECORATE to decorate your
    photos with Text, Clip, Mask and Frame.

    Step 3. Set transition effects and duration.
    Wondershare DVD SlideShow Builder includes 70 or so transition effects.
    Just choose your favorite and make larruping slides. The transition
    thumbnail right to the photo shows what effect it is (Double click it
    for previewing). To apply transition effects to images, please drag the
    effect icon and drop it to the right of the image in storyline.
    Meanwhile, the number under the transition thumbnail is for setting
    transition duration.

    Step 4. Add DVD menu and background music.
    Switch to Menu tab and choose your desired templates. You can also
    change the background color or add background audio.
    Note: Frames and buttons can be changed if double-clicking them.

    Step 5. Burn a DVD.
    Be patient, it's the last step! Click Burn tab and set the options.
    Burn a VCD/SVCD/DVD, as you like.

    Tool you may need: DVD SlideShow Builder
    , Jul 6, 2006
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