CPU Support /Deferred Procedure Calls and s939 vs. sAM2

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Tony Sperling, May 29, 2006.

  1. Dear Support.

    As I am in the process of preparing for equipping my next machine, ( yes -
    it is just one humble piece!) I would appreciate some technical background
    on a problem that a considerable number of people seem to currently be
    having with the X2 CPU's from AMD. This problem revolves around, what is
    described as "one core being hogged at 100% execution, while the other is
    idle". (The problem being that the system [ IS ] idle, and nobody being able
    to figure what is being executed).

    This has a kind of proportion that some has gone to the lenghts of writing
    programs to investigate the causes, and has come up with something to
    measure, which has been termed 'Deferred Procedure Calls'.
    I have had my head and fingers inside computers for more than fifteen years,
    I do not call myself an expert but nowhere have I ever encountered the
    concept of DPC's.

    The person I was last in contact with, who were having this problem, just
    wrote back and told me his problem had been solved - that he never turned
    off his machine by the 'Stand By' method, but had once clicked the button by
    mistake, and the system had crashed. After a month of investigations someone
    else had mentioned 'Stand By' - and he then tried turning off the machine,
    using stand-by and then when he turned it back on, the problem was gone.

    I am reluctant to rush out and buy an AM2 socketed board until I can have a
    healthy portion of DDR2-800 memory at a reasonable price. But I am also
    reluctant to short-change myself by going for a 939 socket while the market
    stabilizes, if this particular problem has been targeted and resolved with
    the AM2 socket.

    In the case where this problem is socket independent, I would feel much
    consoled if the company was to admit and recognise the existence of such a
    problem, and express a will to attend to any difficulties that I may
    encounter. I am not asking for any legal commitments (that would imply that
    all the concerned CPU's were to be affected), this is apparently not the
    case, this is clearly something that pops up in freak combinations of CPU -
    Board and BIOS and perhaps the conglomerate of Installed Drivers(?) - I just
    want to make sure that I will not be turned away if I should happen to
    return with this problem, I cannot afford to spend a month or more digging
    for information that to some extent seems to revolve around concepts of
    semi-techno-religious dogma.

    If you should happen to know of, or be in a position to make references to
    publicly available articles/white papers that sheds light on this particular
    behaviour, I would further be much indepted.

    Your's truely,

    Tony Sperling.
    Tony Sperling, May 29, 2006
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  2. Sorry, take no notice - this was to go to AMD Support!

    And it will, to.

    Tony. . .
    Tony Sperling, May 29, 2006
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