Cordless, dual PSTN/VOIP phone

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by SUMMONER, Sep 3, 2006.


    SUMMONER Guest

    I am currently shopping for a new phone.

    Thought of bringing my old BT EasyCom1000 over to the next century with
    an adaptor.
    I have always liked the big screen (they should have put back-light on
    it!), it's big buttons and the nice address book/call log features.

    Anyway, I am now shopping for a new one instead, budget is ~ £60+VAT.

    My eye has fallen on an eBay sold DECT phone, which sports both PSTN and
    VOIP compatibility. Anyone used one of these before and can comment on
    it's built quality, speech quality and menu handling

    Is there anything else that's worth looking at, for a similar price?

    Oh and the service it has to work with is Skype-in/out.

    Kind Regards

    SUMMONER, Sep 3, 2006
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    Ivor Jones Guest

    And it was all going so well.......!

    Ivor Jones, Sep 3, 2006
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    SUMMONER Guest

    Ya - was a hard decision. I am not a friend of proprietary stuff, usually.

    Got a pile load of customers/friends on Skype already and find myself
    using it more and more often.
    In addition it now works on on my PDA (badly).

    Kind Regards


    SUMMONER, Sep 3, 2006

    Ivor Jones Guest

    You'll have to convert them to SIP <g>

    There are Wi-Fi phones that work with Skype I think but they're way too
    overpriced for me to be at all interested.

    Ivor Jones, Sep 3, 2006

    SUMMONER Guest

    ya right...

    This is similar to what happened to me with Instant Messaging. First I
    had an ICQ account, then added AIM and finally MSN. All just to please
    the others.
    Today many of the networks are linked, allowing cross messaging.

    I feel a long and hard road ahead, especially when it comes to keeping a
    hold of that new 0207.. number I got off skype. :/

    No way in life am I going to spend the kinda money Linksys want on a
    hand set, that doesn't even replace my mobile phone.
    I would rather settle for one of the £20 adapters and continue using my
    trusty wired Easycom phone.

    Kind Regards

    SUMMONER, Sep 3, 2006

    Jono Guest

    After serious thinking SUMMONER wrote :
    <Pedant on>

    Surely that's an 020 number?

    <Pedant off>
    Jono, Sep 3, 2006

    SUMMONER Guest

    lol! Silly me, of course you are right.

    Kind Regards

    SUMMONER, Sep 3, 2006

    > Guest

    I use a PAP2 with a normal dect BT roam around phone for the house, with a
    sipdiscount account!! Works well, I also have sjphone on my dell x51 pda
    configured to my sip account for when i hit an unsecured wifi network and
    that also works fine!
    >, Sep 3, 2006

    SUMMONER Guest

    Looks good for outgoing land line calls, but they don't give you a phone
    number/voice mail.

    What is the minimum top-up, in order to get the 120days free-calling?

    What numbers do they mean with...
    - UK National Rate 10p/min 0870???
    - UK Personal 18p/min 07.. personal numbers???

    What is their minimum connect charge?


    SUMMONER, Sep 3, 2006

    > Guest

    The sell in euros, 10 euro every 120 days, or £1.74 per month! The gave my a
    0121 number as I live in brum, No voice mail but the most phones come with
    them built in.
    I only call uk / Ireland, sometimes USA and the Netherlands, so my bill has
    never gone over the 2.50 euros
    No connection fee !

    >, Sep 3, 2006

    M.Dexter Guest

    I would be very careful of buying anything from Scan computers unless
    you are able to go and collect the item yourself they are not all that
    bothered about trying to pass on returned items I have caught them out
    a few times when I have been over for one thing or another. I have
    been a customer for quite a few years now but I am only 15 miles away
    from them so can go and buy in person . Make no mistake they are the
    best and cheapest in Lancashire and there isn't much that they do not
    keep stock of but buying from them mail order is a definer no no you
    may get the chance of lining the pockets of Royal mail or some other
    carrier retuning faulty or second customer goods to them .
    If you can go in person I can recommend Scan .
    M.Dexter, Sep 3, 2006

    SUMMONER Guest

    Worse than Ebuyer?¿ Wow, respect! With all the messing around by Ebuyer
    over the years, and their we don't know and don't want to know attitude
    - they have never managed to send me used/2nd hand stuff.

    Had plenty of missing parts and some which had to replaced twice before
    they sent 1 that worked.
    Once they took just under 30 days to send me a USB KVM of which they had
    loads of stock. Must have called them 4 or 5 times before someone could
    finally be bothered to intervene and get the damn thing posted.

    Thanks for your input! I will certainly shop around to see who else
    sells them, before I decide on a place to buy from.

    The adaptor is my emergency plan only anyway. I am really looking for a
    nice combo Cordless DECT phone (Pstn & VoIP).

    Kind Regards

    SUMMONER, Sep 3, 2006

    M.Dexter Guest

    Don't get me wrong Scan are not shipping out faulty goods by the van
    load but thy do try it on ,last week I went over for a mobo and on
    checking it at the collection point I discovered that the sata cables
    where loose in the box usually they are in see through packaging plus
    the cables looked like they had been out. This must have been about
    the fifth mobo that they have tried to pass on to me in that state
    and I have a friend in Blackpool another long standing customer who
    has had similar experiences it was he who first introduced me to Scan.
    M.Dexter, Sep 3, 2006

    SUMMONER Guest

    Ya, small margin, limited warehouse space, short product life span -
    they are trying every trick in the book. :(

    Kind Regards

    SUMMONER, Sep 4, 2006

    M.Dexter Guest

    They are not short of space their site at Horwich Nr Bolton is very
    large plus by all accounts they have a second warehouse they can't be
    doing so bad either they close down at every bank holiday and take two
    weeks at Christmas every year . Must outlets seem to be eager to
    remain open every hour God sends Aria in Manchester another fairly
    large computer component retailer never seems to close hardly but Scan
    make a point of closing at every opportunity.
    M.Dexter, Sep 4, 2006

    Brian A Guest

    Ughh! PLEASE can we have a special newsgroup for Skype!!

    Remove 'no_spam_' from email address.
    Brian A, Sep 4, 2006

    SUMMONER Guest

    I saw no mention on the website ( ?) about having
    ones own phone number for incoming calls. Sounds good.

    Kind Regards

    SUMMONER, Sep 4, 2006

    M.Dexter Guest

    Sipdiscount are good but you can only have an inbound number in one of
    two areas of the UK I have a London number .
    M.Dexter, Sep 4, 2006
  19. Carl Farrington, Sep 8, 2006
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