Corded Phones Work; Cordless Do Not

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Johnny Meredith, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. I just wired up my Vonage service. I'm using the house's existing
    wiring to spread the signal from my voice router. The phones in
    the house that are not cordless work, but the cordless phones do
    not. Does anyone have any ideas about what might cause this?

    I've used wireless internet for a while in the house, so I know
    there can't be any conflict in the signals. The internet works
    perfectly, and so do the corded phones. I'm using two Linksys
    routers: the one provided by Vonage and a Linksys WRT54G down-
    stream from this router to serve the wireless signal for my lap-

    Johnny Meredith, Apr 7, 2005
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  2. Johnny  Meredith

    Rick Merrill Guest

    Do you mean no dialtone or do you mean no ring?
    Sounds like your wiring is correct: modem<=>Vonage<=>Linksys--laptop

    Did any cordless phones get power via the rj11 connection? (rare)

    Suggestion: disconnect all but one phone at a time. Which phones work?
    Rick Merrill, Apr 7, 2005
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  3. Johnny  Meredith

    oparr Guest

    Does anyone have any ideas about what might cause this?

    If you only have one Vonage line then you are limited to VOIP port 1 on
    the VOIP router. Perhaps you were connecting your cordless base unit(s)
    to VOIP port 2 instead of 1.
    oparr, Apr 7, 2005
  4. Finally solved this problem.

    It turns out that my house has two lines wired instead of just one. By
    shear coincidence, all the cordless phones were pluged in to the line 2
    and all the corded phones were plugged into line 1.

    I was not aware of the two lines. So, when I disconneted my house from
    the phone company, I just wired back line 1 and didn't bother with 2 or
    3. The solution was to wire all the "left" sides of the twisted pairs
    together and all of the "right" sides together which, of course,
    completed the circuit and fixed the problem.

    Just for reference:
    Phone line color decode
    Red, Green - Line1
    Yellow, Black - Line 2
    Blue, White - Line 3

    I wired RED YELLOW and BLUE together on one side and GREEN BLACK and
    WHITE together on the other side.

    I hope this post helps someone in the future!

    Johnny Meredith, Apr 29, 2005
  5. Johnny  Meredith

    Rick Merrill Guest

    Glad to hear it. That could become a classic phone-war-story!
    Rick Merrill, Apr 29, 2005
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