Copy/Paste from Word file to HTML?

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Gualtier Malde, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. I don't think this can be done - but just have to ask because if I found out that it can be done and
    spent more time re-typing in copy people have sent me for a newsletter, I'll plotz.

    So, can it be done? If not that, how best to import a .doc file?

    Gualtier Malde, Feb 23, 2007
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  2. Gualtier Malde

    Doug G Guest

    The version of Word I use has "Save As Web Page" on its File menu.
    Doug G, Feb 23, 2007
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  3. Gualtier Malde

    Ed Mullen Guest

    In general, sure, you can paste from Word to another program where
    you're creating an HTML document. But, since you don't give enough
    details, I have to say: It depends on what you mean and how you're
    trying to do this. Into what program are you trying to paste? Are you
    creating an HTML doc in Word, or just plain text? Are you trying to
    paste from Word into another HTML editor while trying to preserve
    formatting? What program are you using to create the HTML file.

    BTW, Word is /horrible/ at producing HTML. It will never validate and
    is hugely bloated with proprietary Word code.
    Ed Mullen, Feb 23, 2007
  4. People send me Word documents and sometimes they have gone to great lengths to use centered large
    fonts and colors in their presentations. I try to accommodate them, but if I simply copy/paste I
    get, essentially, ASCII text. I have taken to printing to a .pdf file with "Cute PDF",
    image-copying selected text, and pasting that. It works, except that the background of their copy
    is usually white (mine is sort of a buff brown) and, more importantly, their links don't work.

    I didn't know Word can "save as Web page". I will ask someone to do that for me and try it out. I
    am using very simple HTML 4 - no style sheets... nothing like that. This may work.

    Thank you both.

    Gualtier Malde, Feb 23, 2007
  5. Gualtier Malde

    Ed Mullen Guest

    Again, Word produces hugely invalid HTML. So, while you could (in Word)
    choose File - Save As Web Page, I don't recommend it. I just test it by
    creating a Word doc containing only the following:

    A Header
    Body text

    Saved as a Web page = 8 Kb
    Saved as a text file (which is what an HTML file is) = 1 Kb

    The HTML Validator noted 14 errors, the most egregious of which was the
    lack of a doctype.

    Again, what program are you using to compose the HTML? Are you writing
    the HTML by hand, or using a WYSIWYG editor? I can probably make some
    suggestions if I know that.
    Ed Mullen, Feb 23, 2007

  6. if someone has sent you a word doc, open it in word, then click on
    File, Save As, and save it as an html document. Doesn't this work?
    Peter.Potamus.the.Purple.Hippo, Feb 23, 2007
  7. For the newsletter I've just been using the composer that comes with T-bird. I've just installed a
    Mozilla Composer (NVU) and haven't used it yet. I have composed relatively simple HTML from a time
    before style sheets, including graphics, backgrounds, and tables. But I am old and not inclined to
    keep up with new stuff when the old meets my simple needs. I'll bet I wind up using only a fraction
    of what NVU will give me.

    But I'd like to get out of the composing business completely. When people send me a .doc file that
    they have worked hard on formatting, with graphics and all,I would like to reward their efforts by
    using what they send, as they send it, with their tables and graphics.

    If Save as... in Word doesn't do all the job, I probably can correct it in the source document.
    I've had to do that before.
    Gualtier Malde, Feb 24, 2007
  8. Not for me. I open Word .doc files in Wordpad. I don't have Word. I'm beginning to think I'm the
    only one <g>.

    I can open it in Works - just tried it after this msg - and save as HTML. I had two such formatted
    ..doc files. One worked perfectly and another got huge and unusable in its form. Haven't had time
    to look deeper into it. I am having some folks re-send me their files in HTML to see if Word does a
    more consistent job with its own files.
    Gualtier Malde, Feb 24, 2007

  9. then download and get OpenOffice. Its MS Office compatible: It has just about everything that MS
    Office has. And a big plus is it will open Word docs and convert them
    to html. And another big, BIG plus is its Open Source and FREE!!!!
    Peter.Potamus.the.Purple.Hippo, Feb 24, 2007
  10. Great. I didn't know about this. Thank you.
    Gualtier Malde, Feb 24, 2007
  11. Gualtier Malde

    Ed Mullen Guest

    Which you are composing and posting on the Internet as an HTML page?
    There's no real need for your simple application to dive into

    But, "the composer that comes with T-bird" ... do you mean the email
    compose function? That is totally different from NVU and the Composer
    that comes with the Mozilla Suite and SeaMonkey, both of which were
    intended as WYSIWYG HTML/Web page creators. The email composer with TB,
    SM, and Moz Suite are email creation components that have huge
    differences from NVU/Composer. Again, are you posting these creations
    on the Web as HTML pages or are you sending them as emails?
    The only expeditious way to do this is:

    - If you're publishing/posting Web pages, create a page that has links
    in it to the original documents and upload the Web page and Word files
    to the Web

    - If you're simply collecting source material from various people and
    emailing it to a list, just attach the original Word documents to your
    You won't want to do that once you look at the HTML source that Word
    produces. It is hideous and bears no resemblance to standards-compliant
    HTML. MS offers a couple of tools to strip some of the more useless
    cruft from Word/HTML docs but it still leaves you with an ungainly mess.
    Don't even go there. You'd probably be better off back at the
    beginning: Copying and pasting plain text from the Word doc into your
    HTML composer and then manually adding formatting and links to replicate
    the original. Frankly, I most likely wouldn't make the effort unless it
    was a trivial amount of content that I could handle in 15 to 30 minutes,
    max. Anything more than that and I'd go with the attachment option.
    Ed Mullen, Feb 24, 2007
  12. Gualtier Malde

    Ed Mullen Guest

    1. You never said that you don't have Word. That would have been
    helpful to know in order to give you meaningful advice.

    2. I doubt that Open Office's Save As HTML function produces much better
    HTML code than Word does but I'm willing to hear from OO experts who

    3. Next time try to give a better and more complete description of your
    environment, goals, tools, etc. It'll save us all a lot of time.

    Ed Mullen, Feb 24, 2007
  13. Gualtier Malde

    Koster, H Guest

    Op Thu, 22 Feb 2007 20:29:59 -0800, schreef Gualtier Malde:
    In case you have a good editor (eg. TinyMCE) in the portal or blog to
    upload text in your webpage, yes, it can be done. Although it's still some
    work to get the different styles from separate docs the same (everybody
    uses different font, fontsize).
    Koster, H, Feb 24, 2007
  14. Yes - The HTML compose for email. I have NVU, have used it before, but at the moment I'm talking
    about the email composer in T-bird.

    I am sending out individual emails.

    That is totally different from NVU and the Composer
    I do that when it is appropriate and possible.
    Yeah, but I really would like for the letter to be something that can be read without saving
    attachments, etc.
    Well, I do know how to 1)print to a .pdf file with Cute PDF, 2) image-select what I want to export,
    and 3) cut/paste to my HTML email document. It comes in as a block. BUT - If someone says "You got
    the number/link/date/... wrong, I can't change that.

    But, yes, this is tweakage.
    Gualtier Malde, Feb 24, 2007
  15. Actually, I did. Look up in this message. I've isolated the paragraph. A little late, but I
    replied to you, up the thread, that I would have to "ask someone to do that..." (meaning Save As Web
    Perhaps I should have answered Doug H with that answer, but there were so many postings by the time
    I got back I kind of got self-lured into answering the last one first.

    I've gotten an abundance of answers. I'll save everyone a lot of time and depart to work on the
    material I now have, with my thanks to all for your help.
    Gualtier Malde, Feb 24, 2007
  16. Yes, I had been doing that and pasting to my email and then resizing and coloring etc. Worked
    pretty well, but one contributor goes to great lengths to find little clip art graphics and I have a
    terrible time trying to get that in among centered text.

    I just thought I'd save myself some time and effort.

    Thank you for your reply.
    Gualtier Malde, Feb 24, 2007
  17. Just to let you know, but you may not be getting a reply from Ed
    anymore. Someone, from another newsgroup, pissed him off big time,
    and Ed informed everyone that he's going to unsubscribe from all
    Mozilla newsgroups. I don't know if it includes this one, though.
    Peter.Potamus.the.Purple.Hippo, Feb 24, 2007
  18. I've re-read my reply and can't imagine that it was insulting or even confrontational enough to be
    the cause. I even overlooked his "Sheesh". It certainly doesn't seem to fit the definition of a
    Gualtier Malde, Feb 24, 2007

  19. I said "another newsgroup." It wasn't this one and it wasn't you.
    I'm just replying so you'll know why Ed isn't replying.
    Peter.Potamus.the.Purple.Hippo, Feb 24, 2007
  20. Sorry. I took "this one" to mean "this post". Now, where did I put that anti-paranoia medication
    the doctor gave me?
    Gualtier Malde, Feb 24, 2007
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