Copy/Paste from Websites Loaded with Firefox

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by partytildawn, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. partytildawn

    partytildawn Guest

    Since the last update from Firefox, we've had problems copy/paste text
    from websites. We highlight the text to copy, but Firefox will not
    display the copy menu and the keyboard short cut doesn't work for it.
    We noticed it almost immediately. Anyone else having this issue?
    partytildawn, Dec 23, 2005
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  2. partytildawn

    gwtc Guest

    No. Maybe its the website disabling that option. Post a link so
    someone can check it out.
    gwtc, Dec 23, 2005
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  3. partytildawn

    Larry Spitz Guest

    I am having a problem that is somewhat similar. I can copy/paste once
    from a web page, but after that no more. And for me the menu displays
    "copy", but pasting what is supposedly copied produces nothing.
    Larry Spitz, Dec 23, 2005
  4. partytildawn

    partytildawn Guest

    It is happening to me with multiple sites from google to cnn. If I
    click back and forth between that screen and other screens it
    eventually lets me do it, but since the last update, it is a pain in
    the butt to get cut/copy to work with firefox.
    partytildawn, Dec 25, 2005
  5. partytildawn

    xModem Guest

    I've had the same problem with several versions of FF. It seems to be an
    intermittent problem. Some times it works, sometimes not.
    xModem, Dec 27, 2005
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