Coolpix 3200 & Sandisk 128 losing pictures?!

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Greg, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. Greg

    Greg Guest

    My father-in-law has encountered this problem twice with his new
    Coolpix 3200, an excellent camera otherwise: he is losing pictures off
    the 128 Mb Sandisk SD card.

    In today's case, we had copied files off his camera onto my WinXP/Pro
    laptop. Nothing could have been easier: after we plugged in the
    camera's cable, the laptop detected the Nikon and opened up a new
    folder for it. I double clicked on DCIM folder and proceeded to look
    at the pictures. I did not delete them!

    Later he noticed that the card was empty (no pictures). He has
    continued started taking new pictures that save ok to the card. The
    only thing unusual was that he replaced his batteries.

    The first case involved a visit to his other daughter in California,
    where all their pictures on the Sandisk card were lost: they were
    downloading the files onto a Macintosh (System X I believe) and could
    not get it to work until they tried a card-reader. After using the
    card-reader, there were no files left on it. Don't recall if the files
    made in onto the Mac, but I don't think so.

    When he returned from California, he took the camera and card back to
    the store, and they assured him there was nothing wrong with the card.
    Afterwaqrds, he saved another 36 pic to the card. Those were the ones
    I transferred to my laptop before the card became "empty" again.

    This sounds like a faulty Sandisk SD card to me. Anyone have a similar
    problem with this camera or with SD cards?

    I'm a Minolta 35mm slide film and scanner enthusiast myself, but I am
    impressed with the quality of pix he's getting from such a compact and
    intuitive digicam.

    Greg, Jul 19, 2004
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  2. Greg

    chris French Guest

    could he try another card? this would help indicate a card problem
    chris French, Jul 19, 2004
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  3. Greg

    chibitul Guest

    Some programs delete the pictures after you download them to PC. I knwo
    that Image capture (OS X) can do this (you can enable or disable it).
    Perhaps Windoze has a similar optin? I believe the pictures are on the
    laptop somewhenre, you just need to find them. I gace present to my
    friend a CoolPix 3200 with a 256 SanDisk and he did not complain about
    lost pictures (so far!)
    chibitul, Jul 19, 2004
  4. Greg

    Marc Guest

    The 3200 also has 15 mb.of internal memory. A good test might be be to take
    some shots with the card out to see what happens.
    Marc, Jul 19, 2004
  5. Hi,

    I have Coolpix 3200 and a SD card, and I never had problems with it.

    In the manual it is said: "Memory cards can be removed without loss of
    data when the camera is off. To remove memory cards, turn the camera
    off and confirm that the power-on lamp is off. Do not open the memory
    card slot cover while the power-on lamp is lit."

    As I understand, removing a memory card when the camera isn't off, can
    cause loss of data. Maybe this is the case?

    Natalia Blomeier, Jul 20, 2004
  6. Greg

    Hans Guest

    I have exactly the same combination.
    I tried this twice and it works fine for me. Are you sure you didn't
    "cut&paste" or "move" the files instead of "copy"ing them, because
    further on you said that you didn't just look at them but transferred
    to the labtop?


    This is an experience that I share. Connecting the camera with the USB
    cable has not given me any problems so far. Usually I use the
    NikonView program to transfer the files, but dragging them from the
    DCIM folder onto the harddisk works as well.
    I can't get my cardreader (apacer, embedded model) to access the files
    however. In several instances inserting the SD card has erased all
    files. Windows gives an error message and reinserting it into the
    camera gives either an empty disc or an "unformatted disc" according
    to the camera. Reformatting erases everything as well of course.
    Formatting the card in the reader normally gives an error message as
    well. In the one instance that this worked out well, I could use it in
    the camera but couldn't use it afterwards in the reader again.
    I assume that there is something wrong with the card reader (though it
    reads memory sticks perfectly) or that the nikon uses a filesystem
    that is not recognized by the pc.
    Has anyone got any info on this?

    Hans, Jul 20, 2004
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