Converting from RIP to EIGRP - netware issue

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Mark Smythe, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. Mark Smythe

    Mark Smythe Guest

    Hi All,
    We have three sites which have been routing via RIP. There are netware
    servers on each site handling e-mail and other server tasks. When I
    convert the routing to EIGRP everything converges nicely, all the routes
    are in place, and everything looks good except the netware servers can
    no longer respond to pings remotely across the wan. Each server at each
    site DOES respond to pings and logins only if the workstation is on the
    same side of the wan. Even though there is a static route already in
    place to the remote netware server. The server will not respond but
    other workstations on the same subnet do respond normally . Even when I
    leave rip running along with eigrp, the servers arent responding. They
    only respond if run ONLY rip. Is there some type of setting on the
    server for RIP/EIGRP ? Also I notice that even though the routers are
    only running eigrp, the ipx routing is still via rip ( ipx rip ) . It
    looks to me as if the servers are wanting to participate only to rip
    networks. Is there something special needed for eigrp in a netware
    ip/ipx environment? Has anyone heard of netware routing being a problem
    with cisco routing or is this not really a routing uissue as it appears
    ? Any help is appreciated.
    Mark Smythe, Nov 28, 2003
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  2. Mark Smythe

    FireSword Guest

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  3. Mark Smythe

    PES Guest

    You just need to establish a default route to you local router and
    reinitialize system. Note, both ends must be correct for nw server to ping
    remote netware.

    IPX RIP is required at the LAN, however IPX RIP/SAP can be encapsulated into
    EIGRP on the WAN Links.
    PES, Nov 29, 2003
  4. Mark Smythe

    John Agosta Guest

    The only problem I know of is
    that IPX RIP has to be disabled before the
    EIGRP process takes control.
    Post your configs....
    John Agosta, Nov 29, 2003
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