Converting from an ISP ADSL USB Modem Line to a Wireless Setup

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Aug 23, 2007.

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    Hi, (UK)
    First of all I will try to clarify what I am trying to do.

    The ISP setup is via a ADSL line (and DSL Filter) through a modem which is
    connected to my computer using a USB cable.

    I have now got a laptop and another desktop computer in another room which
    is why I want to setup a wireless network. I purchased this ADSL 'Netgear'
    DG384G Broadband Wireless Router Modem and tried to connect it to the
    'Tiscali' ADSL line after taking the USB modem offline.

    I connected the DG384G using a standard Telephone cable (through a ADSL
    filter) and also an Ethernet cable from my computer to the DG384G and run the
    configuration setup on the DG383G by inputting the IP Address (
    using I.E.

    All the relevant lights on the DG384G are lit (Power, Internet, Transmission
    and LAN port) but the Internet light is blinking an orange light instead of
    green like the others which I means it is trying to get a connection to the

    I setup all the usual configuration items such as, IP adresses, Subnet Mask,
    Gateway, DNS etc for the ADSL Port, the LAN, the Modem and the Wireless Port
    and the only thing that did not show up as connected was the ADSL Port IP
    address, the Subnet Mask IP address, the Gateway IP address and the Domain
    Server IP address. Even though I set them statically in the ADSL
    configuration setup they were not present when I opened the 'Router Status'

    Could this be the problem and if you think that it could be, is there anyway
    to fix it, or do you think that something else is causing the connection

    Guest, Aug 23, 2007
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  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi Gerry,
    Why are you using a static IP address and DHCP, does your ISP provide you
    with these settings or you thought static will make it easy?.
    Did you used the Original machine was connecting to the ADSL Modem, as some
    ISP will lock the MAC address for the first machine you installed the ADSL
    Modem as a method of authentication (not always).
    Try this scenario:
    WALL Plug ----> ADSL Modem ----> ADSL 'Netgear' Router----> PC to access
    the Router configuration page and the wizard and make sure the IP address ,
    DNS are Auto from your ISP and also enable the DHCP server to assign IP
    address to these machine.
    Wait a minute in the Last step then click Home page for the Router.
    Did you implement an Encryption method to secure your Wireless network?.
    Read the PDF set up instruction on the CD came with the Router.
    Set up a wireless network
    Wireless by Barb Bowman
    Charlie Russel,Using a Wireless Laptop at Work and at Hom

    Guest, Aug 23, 2007
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