Converting a Cisco 7912 SIP Phone to a Call Manager Phone

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by ve12876, May 13, 2005.

  1. ve12876

    ve12876 Guest

    ve12876, May 13, 2005
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  2. ve12876

    dmcgee Guest

    the major problem i have had in changeing the firmware is not having
    the current firmware. You have to upgrade your sip firmware on the
    phone to the latest version before changing it to SCCP. I would
    reccomend this first. then try this link.
    Cisco 7912 Firmware

    Version and description:

    The install program file name is cmterm-7912G-sccp.6-1-1.exe and the
    firmware version within the install program is

    Release notes for Cisco IP Phones

    Installation Instructions:

    Step 1: Copy the cmterm-7912G-sccp.6-1-1.exe file to your hard drive.
    Make a note of the location where you save the downloaded file.

    Step 2: Double-click the cmterm-7912G-sccp.6-1-1.exe file and the
    installation starts.

    Step 3: At the Welcome screen, click Next.

    Step 4: At the License Agreement screen, click Yes.

    Step 5: At the SQL Server Authentication screen, enter the login name
    and the password (by default the login name should be "sa"). Then
    click Next.

    Step 6: After the installation is completed, click OK.

    Step 7: Reset all the corresponding devices.

    Post-Installation Details
    This executable file is to be run on the publisher and it will install
    one file:

    to the call manager's tftppath (c:\program files\cisco\tftppath)

    After installation, open up call manager's administration web page and
    go to system -> device default
    You can verify the installation, by looking at "IP Phone 7912" and
    enter the new load name in the corresponding box.
    for example: CP7912060101SCCP050429A.sbin (in this case, the load
    version is 050429A)

    To downgrade to a previous firmware version:

    Step 1: Go to the Cisco CallManager Administration web page.

    Step 2: From the System menu select Device Default, and the Device
    Default Configuration page is displayed.

    Step 3: Go to the IP Phone 7912 field and change it back to the
    previous firmware version.

    Step 4: Click Update.

    Step 5: After the page updates, you can reset the corresponding

    Cisco IP Phone Model 7912 Alternate Firmware format
    The Cisco IP Phone Model 7912 Firmware version 6.1(1) is also supplied
    in a zip file, as an alternative in case a Cisco CallManager is not
    available to run the executable installer program. The name of this
    file is

    After unzipping the firmware files, manually copy the firmware to the
    appropriate directory on the TFTP server.
    dmcgee, May 26, 2005
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  3. ve12876

    IP Endpoints

    Feb 18, 2009
    Likes Received:
    We can offer this as a service, if you still have the problem or anybody else is experiencing similar problems.
    IP Endpoints
    IP Endpoints, Feb 18, 2009
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