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    This guide shows the process of converting video files to MP4 video to
    store and view on a video iPod. The guide is pretty simple and should
    be fine for new users. In this guide we will be using commercial,
    called Wondershare Video to iPod Converter. Besides the use you will
    make of iTunes after the process is complete, this should be the only
    software that you need for this process. Before we start there are a
    few things that you need to remember first.

    What are the video capabilities of Wondershare Video to iPod Converter?

    Wondershare Video to iPod Converter supports many popular video
    formats. You can convert AVI/WMV/ASF/MOV/RM/RMVB/MPG/MPEG/ASF/DAT to
    iPod compliant format (MP4).
    You can download free from here
    You can know more about it by referring here

    Introduction & Requirements

    Wondershare Video to iPod Converter - This is commercial software and
    will display a mark on your encoded video until you register it. Make
    sure you check back to the site for new versions regularly.

    This guide assumes that you know how to use iTunes to add video to your
    iPod (File --> Import, select the video you want, then click Videos in
    iTunes and drag the video to your iPod) so that isn't covered. You may
    however need additional software to open your video files. As a general
    rule, if you can play your source files, you have the codecs required.

    Check the files with Video Inspector if you can't open a file, you can
    download from here
    You should be able to track down a codec then. I recommend that you
    disable any screen savers if you are encoding long videos. Also any
    scheduled tasks such as virus scanner, spyware scanner, updaters etc.
    should be disabled if you think they will clash with the process.

    Software Interface


    Wondershare Video to iPod Converter has a simple and intuitive
    Interface. You could say there are two main sections. At the top of the
    right part, that we'll call a Tool Bar, you can import video files,
    register, open the option menu here. Below is the Track list, after
    files load, you can see the video information here. Next is Profiles,
    you can rename output files, select profiles, change output folder
    here. Of course, the Start button is beside. The left part is a Preview
    Window which looks like iPod. You can preview the video and snatch
    picture here.
    Wondershare Video to iPod Converter inherits the simple style of
    Wondershare software. You can manage the conversion with just a few

    Adding files

    Clicking the button on the upper left corner or double clicks in the
    blank area to import video files. After video files loading, you can
    get video information in the Track list. Additional, video would be
    auto played in the preview window; you can use it just as a video
    You can import multi video files at one time or import one by one,
    Wondershare Video to iPod Convertersupport batch conversion. More over,
    you can delete any video files you don't want to convert by pushing
    delete button.


    Setting a Profile and Destination path

    There are two kinds of profile for you to select: iPod MPEG-4 Movie
    (*.mp4) & iPod H.264 Movie (*.mp4). What's the difference between
    these two profiles? iPod MPEG-4 Movie Provides faster conversion speed
    while iPod H.264 Movie (*.mp4) has higher compress ration with smaller
    conversion files.
    To change a destination folder click the little icon beside. The
    default destination folder is C:\Program Files\Wondershare\Video to
    iPod Converter\Output\


    Option setting

    Here you can change the settings for the output video and audio.


    As to video setting, there are four parts:
    1) Resolution (320 * 180, 320 * 240, 480 * 270, 480 * 320)
    2) Frame rate (23.975(NTSC Movie) , 24.0 p/s, 25.0(PAL Movie) p/s ,
    29.97(TV Source) p/s, 30.0 p/s
    3) Format(xVID and H.264)
    4) Bit rate(512 kbps , 576 kbps , 640 kbps , 768 kbps , 900 kbps , 1500
    kbps , 2000 kbps , 2500 kbps)
    As to audio setting, there are also four parts:
    1) Bit rate (56 kbps, 64kbps, 96kbps,128kbps)
    2) Channels (1 Channels, Mono, 2 Channels, Stereo)
    3) Frequency (11025 Hz , 22050 Hz , 44100 Hz and 48000 Hz, or just keep
    4) Volume (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%), after
    testing, this setting play not well.

    Special function

    Wondershare Video to iPod Converter support partial conversion. After
    loading video files. Double click at the video title in the Track List.
    A window will be pop up, you can drag the scroll bar to set the
    conversion start time and end time freely, more over you can type in
    time manually. Then only the desire parts will be converted.


    Wondershare Video to iPod Converter enable you snatch any picture from
    the video. It can save as two formats----Bmp & JPEG
    While playing video in the preview window. Clicking the camera button
    below the preview window, pictures will be snatched and save in
    C:\Program Files\Wondershare\Video to iPod Converter\Output


    Start the Process

    Finishing all the option setting, you can click START button to start
    conversion. More over, you can abort the conversion by click Cancel
    The time the conversion will take depends on the length and number of
    files you selected.



    When the process completes, you might want to play back the MP4 in
    something like iTunes or QuickTime to check out sound sync and other
    things that could cause issues. If it's fine, then go ahead and
    transfer the video to your iPod using iTunes



    Hopefully this guide has helped you enough so that you can convert all
    your video files to your iPod without any problems. If you have any
    problems or any feedback on this guide, send me a Private Message .I
    hope this guide helped you, hope you stick around
    ivan, Apr 26, 2006
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