Contradictory Information?

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Mike Smith, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. Mike Smith

    Mike Smith Guest

    I've been studying several different resources as I prepare for my A+ tests,
    and I've come across some contradictory information. For example:

    * One resource said a static free vacuum cleaner was the best method for
    removing dust from your computer, another said canned air was much better
    than any vacuum cleaner.
    * One resource said you should always unplug your machine when working on
    it, another said you should keep the machine plugged in to make sure it's
    properly grounded.
    * One resource said canned air was the preferred method for cleaning a
    keyboard, another said you should rinse it with distilled water.

    These are just a few examples. What's a hard working A+ student supposed to
    make of these contradictions? Who should I believe? More important, how
    does CompTia expect me to answer these questions?

    Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.


    Mike Smith, Jul 16, 2003
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  2. Mike Smith

    Frédéric Guest

    antistatic vacuum cleaner could break components inside the casing,
    depending on the way you use it. canned air could push the dirt into the
    components and block ventilation path, depending on the way you spray the

    At the exam both answers are ok

    Unplugging your computer and wearing a static wrist is the only correct
    answer, BUT if you don't have a static answer and the casing of the computer
    is not metal then you cannot touch the casing in order to equilibrate the
    electric charges, in that case, you can plug the computer WITHOUT BOOTING
    IT, that way the ground will be connected ( IF THE GROUND WIRE IF CORRECTLY

    At the exam, you are supposed to wear a static wrist and unplug the computer

    As a preparation to your exam you shouldn't focus on the differences between
    the books, but on the similarities. Both books will say not to plug a laser
    printer on a UPS, that is something that you have to remind.

    MCP, CIWA, i-Net+, A+
    "Certification will always make you stand out over the competition,
    demonstrates a sense of professional accomplishment, instills customer
    confidence and leads to increased customer satisfaction."
    Frédéric, Jul 16, 2003
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  3. Mike Smith

    Pikoro Guest

    Let me answer both your questions in one.
    Regarding, take seriously their notice that they are
    improving, this site still needs a lot of polishing, too many moot questions
    in their practice exam and some of them downright wrong.
    Since when a polarity tester can prevent or measure power sags?
    But, most importantly, and I know that it is a controversial issue, some
    authors state that to properly ground your computer you should plug it into
    the AC outlet. You might agree or disagree, but if you want to get it right
    on the test, always answer that the first most important step is to unplug
    the computer, and leave the discussions for later.
    I don't think the test will ask you if canned air is prefered to vacuum,
    this is a moot question.
    I use a wind blower, some guys prefer to vacuum, not much difference.
    Remember that the use of emeril, erasers and other materials are wrong
    answers because they leave debris.
    All purpose cleaners, mild detergents, lint-free cloth and isopropyl alcohol
    are correct answers for cleaning materials.
    I don't think they will ask you how to clean keyboards (I know that there is
    a book out there that recommends rinsing them under a shower), but obviously
    the best method would be turning it upside down and tapping it, canned air
    might help.
    Any liquid is bound to affect the rubber in the contact materials, heat will
    destroy it, distilled water is an impractical answer.
    Hope this helps.

    Pikoro, Jul 16, 2003
  4. Mike Smith

    Adam Ross Guest

    What you have to do is differentiate between preventative maintenance,
    (something you might do on a regular basis), and fixing something on the
    spot if it needs or requires it. Use common sense as well when thinking
    through these questions.
    For example, as for the keyboard, do people pour distilled water in
    their keyboards on a daily basis to keep them clean? NO! I hope not. Thats
    risky and who would think to do that anyway? Water and electricity dont
    normally mix. They should use canned air or just blow.
    Now, when I accidentally spilled soda in my keyboard, i used distilled
    water to see if i can "repair" my keyboard, since it was already damaged
    from the soda.

    Understand it a bit more now?

    As far as the power/grounding stuff, thats neither here nor there. I think
    both are correct, just be careful doing things, and i doubt that you'll see
    that in the exam.
    Adam Ross, Jul 16, 2003
  5. Mike Smith

    RussS Guest

    Hey Mike

    First off, when you are on a service call you would probably use canned air,
    but in your own workshop a vacuum cleaner is much better as it doesn't make
    the dust fly around your nice clean workshop. I do also have a small
    battery powered vacuum cleaner in my tool box as well, just in case I have
    to do any work in an area where they would not appreciate a dust cloud (like
    the A&E area of a hospital I trained at).

    For the exam - cable unplugged with wrist strap is the recommended. No
    matter what is mentioned either in books or in forums, the required fact is
    that you are NOT grounding yourself or the machine, but equalising the
    static charge between you and the machine. Dang near everything has a level
    of static electricity and to stop discharge (one way or the other) you short
    yourself to the metal frame of the machine.

    Cleaning keyboards - hmmm, I remember several authors saying that you can
    soak it in mild soapy water, rinse it carefully and then put it outside to
    dry. has worked for me many times when EUs have spilled coffee all over
    their desks. I do believe there was once a question in the exam pool
    covering this, but to my understanding has not been there since the last
    RussS, Jul 16, 2003
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