Contradictory info on trace.axd and PageOutput

Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Justin Dutoit, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. Hey. I'm doing a few practice exams to prepare for 70-305. When trace
    pageOutput is set to true in web.config, some sources say the trace info
    does not get appended to trace.axd- it has to be set to false-, and some say
    it doesn't matter. Check this out-

    (MeasureUp practice exam) "If the pageOutput attribute is set to 'false',
    all tracing messages are appended to trace.axd. If the value is 'true',
    tracing messages are appended to the page it is associated with."

    (MSPress Self-Paced training kit p295) "To write trace messages to a log
    file for an entire application, in the application's web.config file, set
    the <trace> element's pageOutput attribute to 'false'. ASP.NET then writes
    trace output to the Trace.axd file."

    Now this-
    (Transcender exam A. 28) "You have developed an ASP.NET application, and you
    want to enable tracing on all pages. You want the trace information to
    appear on the bottom of each page. You also want any browser to be able to
    view the trace output in the .axd trace utility. Which action should you

    Correct answer: <trace enabled="true" pageOutput="true" localOnly="false">
    Explanation excerpt: "Setting the pageOutput attribute to false, or not
    specifying a pageOutput value, will send the information to the trace.axd
    file; a true value will send the information to both the trace.axd file and
    the bottom of each web page."

    In my limited testing on my web host, I found the last (Transcender)
    to be right.

    I'd really appreciate an answer on this- how could MS and MeasureUp both be
    wrong ....


    Justin D
    Justin Dutoit, Aug 25, 2003
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  2. Justin Dutoit

    Maria Guest

    how could MS and MeasureUp both be wrong ....

    My guess is that the MS/MeasureUp explanation may have
    been true during the beta.

    You did the right thing and confirmed for yourself what
    really happens. And in the process learned not to assume
    that any source is always 100% perfect...
    By the way, if you take the trouble to send feedback to MS
    and Transcender, they do (eventually) correct the
    mistakes. The Transcender LiveUpdate facility is really
    good. Don't know about MeasureUp.

    Just for fun, allow me to add a little to the apparent
    There is no trace.axd file at all in the application
    directory structure. Instead, this request is handled by
    the TraceHandler object defined in the <httpHandlers>
    element of the machine.config file.

    Have fun,
    Maria, Aug 25, 2003
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  3. Justin Dutoit

    paul Guest

    Your hunch is correct as far as I know,
    Trace will always send info to the trace.axd. The first
    two statements are not wrong but are not complete --
    Transcender seems to be complete.

    These trace questions are everywhere!
    paul, Aug 25, 2003
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