Constantly have to repair network connection to access mapped driv

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Paul, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Workgroup computers with mapped drives fail to reconnect after idle for 10-
    15 minutes, I then have to "repair network connection" on the two other
    computers, and the one I am working on, then everything works fine. The
    network signal is always strong, internet is working and other rescources on
    the network are all available. I just loose the access to the shared file on
    the 2 other office computers until I "repair" connections. I getting tired
    of yelling hey hit the repair again to my staff
    Paul, Feb 25, 2010
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  2. It may be autodisconenct issue. You may want to disable it. This link may

    Mapping IssuesTo modify idle time, at a command prompt using net config
    server /autodisconnect: minutes. For example, to set the Autodisconnect
    value to 30 minutes, ...

    Bob Lin, Microsoft-MVP, MCSE & CNE
    Networking, Internet, Routing, VPN Troubleshooting on
    How to Setup Windows, Network, VPN & Remote Access on
    Bob Lin \(MS-MVP\), Feb 25, 2010
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  3. Jack [MVP-Networking], Feb 25, 2010
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