connection to network drops

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Timax45, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Timax45

    Timax45 Guest

    I have a small home network Host PC>>>>via ethernet to Router (BT
    Voyager2000)>>> Laptop#1>>>>Laptop#2>>>>>PC (Client)

    Win XP
    1gb DDRAM
    30GB hd
    1.25mhz processer

    all machines connect through the router accept the client pc which actually
    does connect for about 10 minutes then it drops the connection. It
    recognises the network and the channel, it also shows a very good signal
    strength, why does the connection keep dropping? Another thing is that it
    shows the connection as not connected even though the machine is connected.
    It uses a netgear M111 WA. The wireless utility shows the connection as
    being connected to a network that no longer exsists whilst the windows
    network connections window picks up the current network.

    Any ideas would be most welcome
    Timax45, Jan 20, 2005
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  2. Timax45

    Guest Guest

    We've had the same problem at home. Our connection kept dropping because of
    our wireless phone - even though it's only 900 MHz. Try unplugging your
    wireless phone to see if that helps.

    Good luck.
    Guest, Jan 20, 2005
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  3. Timax45

    Timax45 Guest

    Thanks Melanie, but that isnt the problem as I dont have a wireles phone. I
    have 3 conventional wired phones all filtered.

    Timax45, Jan 21, 2005
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