Connecting VoIP to Home Phone Wiring

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by BrianEWilliams, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. BrianEWilliams

    burris Guest

    I too, had trepidations about trying it.

    I first called my local non-emergency Police number. They told me that
    in this area, all the 911 calls were handled by Metro-Dade County and I
    shouldn't be afraid to call.

    I did so and the nice person who answered read back all my details and
    thanked me for calling to check....YMMV

    Location is in Aventura Fl...a city within greater Miami-Dade county.
    burris, Apr 24, 2005
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  2. Rick,

    You read my mind because that was going to be my next question. I've
    been rummaging around to find my two line splitter to give it a try.
    The second line has never been active, but I am not sure how to check
    to see if they share a ground. Assuming the wiring is kosher, I guess
    I just plug my 2-line splitter into a jack, and plug the TA into the
    second line outlet. Is the worst case I fry my TA if the wiring isn't

    BrianEWilliams, Apr 25, 2005
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  3. Here is what Vonage says about their 911 service:

    Vonage routes your call to the Public Service Answering Point (PSAP),
    which provides emergency services in your area. The appropriate PSAP is
    determined by the physical address you supplied when you configured 911
    on your web account. Therefore, if we do not have the correct address,
    your call cannot be routed to the corresponding PSAP for your area.
    Another difference between Vonage 911 Dialing service and traditional
    911 service is that the Vonage call will be routed to the PSAP's
    general access line, which is different from the 911 Emergency Response
    Center. You will need to state the nature of your emergency promptly
    and clearly, including your location and telephone number, as PSAP
    personnel will not have this information at hand. PSAP personnel can
    help you effectively and will take necessary steps to provide you with
    the appropriate assistance, such as dispatching police, an ambulance
    and/or a fire truck.

    Behind the scenes, the call will go to your local Public Service
    Answering Point immediately, if you have provided your address by
    configuring 911 on your web account. If you have not configured 911 on
    your web account, you won't be able to dial 911 at all.

    *Note - Customers in Rhode Island who activate dialing 911 will receive
    an emergency calling service similar to E-911, which utilizes the E-911
    call routing system and automatically displays your address and the
    number you're calling from on the dispatchers terminal. This E-911
    solution is only available to customers in Rhode Island who have
    activated dialing 911. Vonage is working aggressively to provide this
    solution in additional states before the end of 2005.
    BrianEWilliams, Apr 25, 2005
  4. BrianEWilliams

    Mitel Lurker Guest

    My guess here is that Vonage is required -by state law- to provide "E" 911
    service in Rhode Island, otherwise you can bet your last dollar they
    wouldn't be doing it, because it's quite expensive to provide it.

    I don't know what other states require it, not all do (yet), but perhaps
    Vonage service is not yet available in those "Mandatory E-911" states or
    else Vonage has been given a grace period.
    Mitel Lurker, Apr 25, 2005
  5. BrianEWilliams

    Rick Merrill Guest

    Measure resistance on all combinations of wires and use separate phones...
    Worse case is you fry everything and the dog goes on the carpet!-)
    Rick Merrill, Apr 25, 2005
  6. BrianEWilliams

    Rick Merrill Guest

    Once they have mastered the technology, WHY is it "quite expensive"
    Rick Merrill, Apr 25, 2005
  7. BrianEWilliams

    wkearney99 Guest

    Oh please, get a grip. Any decent VoIP provider offers 911 service. But
    honestly, what on earth did people DO before 911 with location info? Oh, I
    know, they TOLD the people where they are! Imagine that! Sure, a 4 year
    old calling in because Mommy took too many little helpers might be a
    problem. Or a geezer dropping over from a heart attack but only able to
    just... barely... call.. 911 might qualify. But please, life's full of edge
    cases and yet reality soldiers on regardless.

    If you're the panicking fool sort then by all means keep your land line.
    Otherwise, make the switch and enjoy it's benefits.
    wkearney99, Apr 25, 2005
  8. BrianEWilliams

    Mitel Lurker Guest

    Not so expensive on an individual subscriber basis, but taken as a whole
    it adds up quickly. There is a per-line charge plus a charge for database
    updates, which you must provide on a timely basis when any of your
    subscribers move, or new subscribers sign up or existing subs leave.

    There is also the administrative nightmare of keeping your own database
    accurate so that when you send updates to Intrado your customer has some
    reasonable expectation of accuracy.

    That 40ยข or so "911 service charge" that your traditional landline telco
    tacks onto your monthly bill doesn't begin to cover their total expenses.
    That's just the portion they're allowed to pass on.

    Common myth is that all it takes to be in the telephone business is a
    switch. The rude awakening comes later.

    Remember not so terribly long ago when you occasionally heard about large
    apartment complexes installing their own PBXs and getting into the phone
    business? Not many of them still around, is there? It was a flash in the
    pan. 911 legislation woke these guys up and the smart ones bailed.
    Mitel Lurker, Apr 26, 2005
  9. I too have SunRocket. My system works well on all fronts, having been
    checked. In addition, the technology is still advancing, so I can only
    imagine it will get better as time passes.
    ukcats4218016, Apr 26, 2005
  10. BrianEWilliams

    Marc H.Popek Guest

  11. BrianEWilliams

    Marc Popek Guest

  12. BrianEWilliams

    Marc Popek Guest

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