Connecting MPG, AVI etc . files using mastersplitter & Agent 1.93

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by hfgh4yfhfhfh, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. hfgh4yfhfhfh

    hfgh4yfhfhfh Guest

    I expect that you get a lot of requests for this but all the articles
    I have been able to find are very old and use free agent which has a
    very different settup. How do I automate the process of downloading
    mpgs using mastersplitter so I don't have to connect them one at a
    hfgh4yfhfhfh, Feb 16, 2004
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  2. hfgh4yfhfhfh

    Unk Guest

    Mastersplitter will not download the files for you.

    For multiple files (xxx.mpg.001, xxx.mpg.002, etc):
    "xxx.mpg.050" tells us this is part 50 of the file but we have
    no idea how many parts are needed unless there is also a "xxx.bat"
    file which is the stand-alone joiner, and lists the number of files
    in the set. To join without "xxx.bat", you MUST have "xxx.mpg.001".
    "xxx.mpg.001" is the first file of the set and the rest of the set will be
    appended to it as "xxx.mpg". If "xxx.mpg.000" is missing, the joined
    set may not be complete as "xxx.mpg.000" has the checksum and
    the number of parts needed to make a complete file.

    Save all the files to a folder, then combine them with the
    "xxx.bat". If "xxx.bat" is missing, then use one of the below
    programs to join the files using "xxx.mpg.001" as the start file.
    "MasterSplitter" or
    "HJ-Split" or
    "Just Another Splitter"
    Unk, Feb 17, 2004
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