Connect to 802.11b but not 802.11g... but used to be able to...?

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by jbraly, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. jbraly

    jbraly Guest

    Dell Latitude D810 with built in 802.11g card.

    I have a dlink G router at home on a dsl connections. First few months
    I had no issues at all using the net wirelessly in my house.

    My wife has a laptop with an 802.11b card, she can and still does use
    it fine (router is in dual mode).

    I go to a buddies office and game on his wireless router (linksys,
    802.11g) no issues. He has 2 other laptops, always on, always

    Recently, I can only get "limited or no connectivity" on my g card;
    home and buddy's office.

    Yet, at my office, where there are 802.11B access points, it connects
    like a charm.

    no changes have been made on any routers or my laptop.

    IN FACT, my friend ALSO has a dell latitude d810. Pretty much a clone
    of mine. He has no issues. WEP is not the issue.

    thanks in advance.
    Jazz Mann
    jbraly, Mar 8, 2006
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  2. Check the properties of your wireless adapter card (from device manager) and
    see if there is setting for either wireless mode (b or g or mixed) or data
    rate. Make sure you set it to g or mixed if there is such a setting. If
    there isn't one or this doesn't work, set data rate to 11M, as opposed to
    best rate, to see if it works.
    Zhong Deng \(MSFT\), Mar 13, 2006
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