configuring roaming profiles on XP Pro

Discussion in 'MCSA' started by Misheck, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Misheck

    Misheck Guest

    I am trying to configure roaming profiles on windows XP pro machines but the
    option to select the roaming profiles has been grayed out and the Domain
    users are using the local profile only.

    How do I configure the XP machines to make a user or certain users that I
    have added to a profile that I have created to be able to use the roaming
    Misheck, Apr 21, 2008
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  2. Misheck

    PAJ Guest

    PAJ, Apr 21, 2008
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  3. Misheck

    Misheck Guest

    The XP Pro machines are part of Domain and I have configured and saved a
    roaming profile on the domain and shared it with allow full control to all

    I have gone to the users' account and on the profiles tab pointed the
    profile path to the network share that I have created on the Domain
    Controller but when the user logs on he gets the default user account on the
    computer instead of the roaming profile.

    Is there anything I need to do on the XP computers to allow users to use
    profiles saved on the domain or mandoatory profiles saved on the domain?
    Misheck, Apr 21, 2008
  4. Misheck

    PAJ Guest

    No. That should be enough.

    You have created a shared area for the roaming profiles on the server.
    and set full permissions for all users.

    In the profile box in the properties of the user you have set:

    When the user next logs on their local profile should be copied to the
    They are logging into the domain and not into a local account?

    Have you checked for any events in the Application event log?
    PAJ, Apr 21, 2008
  5. Sounds right to me. But then again this is a CERTIFICATION newsgroups,
    not a troubleshooting newsgroup.

    Michael D. Alligood, MCITP, MCTS, MCSA, MCDST
    The I.T. Classroom -
    CertGuard, Inc. -
    Microsoft's Six Steps to Certifications -
    Michael D. Alligood [CertGuard, Inc.], Apr 22, 2008
  6. Misheck

    PAJ Guest

    I agree but I remember Misheck posting a few weeks ago while trying to
    add a PC to the domain. The domain was so I figure he is
    working through an MS Press book.
    PAJ, Apr 22, 2008
  7. Michael D. Alligood [CertGuard, Inc.], Apr 22, 2008
  8. Misheck

    Misheck Guest

    Well I have named my company contoso after reading the mspress book and I
    know that should generate a few hits from people studying for their MCSA
    exams and also administering my domain and I couldnt join my 100 computers
    to the domain.(jokes)

    What do you mean this forum is for Certification purposes, when I was
    refered to it by my MS Press book whilst studying for Vista Cert and I am
    now studying for my MCSA and all the questions I have posted are to do with
    problems that I am experiencing during my studies in lab enviroment.

    The problem is the way the Ms Press book is setup for the MCSA or the 70-290
    exam is that its focused on users with at least 18 months work experince on
    a server software which I agree with but in my situation is that a few
    employers are now willing to employ a desktop support without an MCSA unless
    you will to start off at less than £15K a year whilst having spent at least
    £5K on studies.

    Anyway I will not spend a lot of time on that topic because I still cannot
    use the roaming profile and computers are still using the local computer
    profile even though I have done the gpedit.msc and changed the group policy
    to allow the users to use the roaming profile. When I go to the user profile
    and system properties all the domainand local users users are showing as
    local. I have done what the MS Press book says but still cannot figure out
    where I am going wrong. I have gone to the users account properties and
    configured his profile to point to the eg \\server01\profile\%username% and
    it displays the users name. Another problem I am experiencing is deleting
    the folder so I can restart the whole exercise but I keep getting an error
    saying the folder is full or write protected or currently being used. I have
    even tried to take ownership of the folder and delete but its saying access
    denied. The profiles folder is saved on the C:\ drive.
    Misheck, Apr 22, 2008
  9. Misheck

    OTHMAN Guest

    OTHMAN, Apr 28, 2008
  10. Misheck

    Misheck Guest

    Thanks for the reply, I will read through and see if it solves my problem.
    Misheck, Apr 29, 2008
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