Configuring Netgear MR814 to work with cable modem

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Oliver, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. Oliver

    Oliver Guest

    Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong? I am running
    Windows XP Professional and until last week had a DSL connection with
    a Netgear MR814 wireless router. I had a PCMCIA wireless card for my
    laptop which enabled me to access the other PC as well as surf the

    Last week, I switched from DSL to cable and I have not been able to
    get the combination working. I CAN get it working directly (ethernet
    cable from PC to cable modem). As soon as I change that (ethernet to
    internet port on router, ethernet from first free port on router to
    pc) it doesn't work. I have configured the LAN for DHCP (as the cable
    provider says I must). Also, told it to sense IP address
    automatically. I THINK the router needs to be re-configured but I
    don't know how to since it requires an internet connection to do so.
    Netgear says to type in any browser window to get to the
    configuration settings BUT that gets me nowhere without an internet

    Any advice?
    Oliver, Jul 2, 2004
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  2. Oliver

    Fred Kasner Guest

    I've used a combination of a Netgear MR814 and had some trouble with it. But
    with perserverence I find you can get the router to respond on URL However it tends to be flakey. I find that changing the user
    name and the password doesn't necessarily seem to take. And it does not have
    to be connected to the internet (in my case SBC DSL) to access the router.
    Also the test mechanism does not seem to work on my router. But you can leave
    the router setup and try pinging something live. It seems to connect without
    the router letting you know all the time. I find it does not disconnect but
    it does strange things. I've had a real trouble getting three computers to
    network with this setup (one XP, two MEs with one of them wireless.)
    Fred Kasner, Jul 26, 2004
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