Configuring multiple routers?

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by DaveC, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. DaveC

    Toby Guest

    If you haven't managed to sort this yet, then there is possibly another
    way without you having to lay another cable.

    This is assuming the connection between the Comcast modem and the
    AirPort is 10/100 and is not using PoE

    Simply use a CAT5 Economiser like this both ends of the cable

    Connect the A port one end to the Comcast Modem, and the other A port
    the other end to the AirPort

    connect the LAN Ethernet side of the Airpoint to the B port, and a
    simple network switch to the B side near the Comcast modem.

    If you like, you can use the Netgear as a switch by just disabling the
    DHCP server on it, and connecting to one of the LAN ports, just ignore
    the WAN port on this.
    Toby, Nov 23, 2012
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