Configuring Linksys WAP/Router to work with ADSL modem/router

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by hawk_2050, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. hawk_2050

    hawk_2050 Guest

    Hi All,

    hoping someone may be able to help here as I'm sure plenty of people
    must have wanted to do the same thing as me.

    I am trying to get a Linksys wireless access point/router (WRT54G) (i.e
    performs both functions) working together with an ADSL modem/router
    (Dynalink RTA210) and am finding it a little confusing. I'm imagining
    that the modem should be configured to work in bridge mode and the
    WAP/router then becomes the Gateway and initiates the connection with
    the ISP, however I have not been able to make sense of how that would
    actually be implemented.

    Basically I want to use the Linksys's router functionality as it's more
    advanced and comprehensive than the modems router capabilities, and
    have the modem/router acting as a transparent data pipe. The Linksys
    router has to be told the kind of internet connection I have (from it's
    perspective). The choices are:
    Static IP

    If the modem has been configured to work in Bridge mode (Encapsulation
    type: Bridge, VC_MUX) then does the public IP address assigned by the
    ISP get assigned to the modem or to the WAN side of the Linksys router?
    Does the modem have any IP addresses associated with it? (apart from
    admin web interface)
    Does the modem handle the conversion from PPPoA (connection type
    between ISP and modem) to whatever the router see's? What will that be
    from the choices above?

    I'm not concerned with the wireless side of things just yet, just want
    to get wired side of things working.

    If you've got some clues about what should be going on I'd really
    appreciate hearing about it!

    Thanks very much.

    hawk_2050, Oct 25, 2005
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  2. hawk_2050

    Lanmeister Guest


    If I understand, you have an adsl router and wireless router. You want to
    connect wirelessly to the internet using these. If I got this right do this:

    1. Setup ADSL router as per a normal ADSL connection - PPOA; Encapsulation
    is LLC and authentication is PAP.
    2. Setup a fixed IP address on the router and make it give out DHCP
    addresses for the computers on your network - with ONE exception - the main
    one used to configure it. This just makes it easier to manage the two
    3. Once the ADSL router is working and you can talk to the Internet, setup
    the wireless router. Give it a fixed IP on the same subnet as the ADSL
    router. You might have to play around changing subnets unless you use the
    default one setup for you whole network.
    5. When you set the IP on the wireless, set the gateway IP to that of the
    ADSL router (if the IP of the ADSL is, then the gateway address
    of the wireless should also be

    This should all work properly giving you wireless access to the internet -
    it's how I have mine setup using a DLINK DSL-504 ADSL router and LinkSys
    WAP54G wireless router.

    Things you MUST do for your own protection:
    1. Change the default user name and passwords for both routers
    2. Lock down the wireless router to the MAC addresses of the wireless cards
    you want to use it
    3. If you want to go the whole hog, setup WEP encryption.

    Any other help, jsut mail me.

    Lanmeister, Oct 31, 2005
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  3. hawk_2050

    EMB Guest

    3a. Turn on WPA encryption
    4. Turn off SSID broadcasting
    EMB, Oct 31, 2005
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