configure a Cisco 7940G - very hard - help!

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by tbo, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. tbo

    tbo Guest


    where can I find an help for configure a Cisco 7940G ip phone?

    I see the IP of the phone, Mac, Dhcp server.. but it's very hard

    I should use a service as or a

    what to do? where ask help?

    tbo, Dec 16, 2004
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  2. The Cisco phones are really designed to be hooked either into a Cisco
    CallManager using SCCP (by default), which manages all the phones
    remotely anyway, or you'll have to reflash it with the SIP image and
    setup all the config files needed on a DHCP server the proper way for
    the phone to get its real config.

    If your phone is flashed for SIP, you probably could go through the
    on screen menus and probably plunk along enough, but doing the DHCP
    server route is far easier.

    Google for "Asterisk Cisco 7960" and you should probably find lots of
    pages detailing what needs to be done specificly for Asterisk, but
    it'll get you 99% of the way for what you need to do as well.

    The 2nd entry over to the WIKI should help considerably.

    They aren't designed to be configed singularly onscreen, but to be
    massively deployed through automated tools.
    Doug McIntyre, Dec 17, 2004
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  3. tbo

    tbo Guest

    thank you
    I need to use the
    so you are saying that I will have with this provider a tool that will
    remotely my cisco ip phone?
    I mean some tool that see my Cisco ip phone, mac address, ip etc.. and
    is able to stay connected with it and let me call and receive? something

    Becouse, I cannot edit nothing on the screen of the Cisco ...
    I digited the IP of my Ip Phone and I get sometimes yes and sometimes not
    a page that tell me the status of the phone, a cisco stats page of my ip
    there nothing can be edited to.

    If I go in the menu of the Cisco, in Network Configuration, there nothing is
    If I go to PLAY the ring that is selected, I cannot test it too .. nothing

    I really don't believe that is via that I will have a tool
    manage remotely my Cisco Ip phone.

    I'm saying that I just connected my 2 Cisco Ip phones to my router (netgear
    and I see the DHCP ip, ip phone ip, mac, router ip, all ok ..
    but nothing else.. I cannot do nothing.

    And if I wanted to use a SIP provider similar to I really
    understand how to configure .. becouse nothing is editable...

    I tried to go to the IP of "callmanager" hoping that was some page with a
    tool for configure the phone... but nothing...

    I'm really sad.

    I will take a look in google.. my it's very hard, very delused of Cisco at
    moment, I hope I will understand soon .. how to do it.

    tbo, Dec 17, 2004
  4. tbo

    tbo Guest

    if can help:

    I go in "network statistics" and I see the text "Port 1 Full, 100 port 2

    of course I still not using any voip provider, but I wouldn't that I need to
    do something with the router.

    I have seen thatin the Iconnecthere website for the grandstream is required
    to see in the router if the port 5070 or similar number is configured

    I disabled the firewall however.
    tbo, Dec 17, 2004
  5. tbo

    tbo Guest

    oh my god, seem that the Cisco IP phone 7940G should be converted
    to SIP and it's very hard to do ... I should registed in Cisco website etc
    etc are hours of problems, is better if I sold all and I but a grandstream
    then, I see a lot of problems here. Seem too hard for me.
    tbo, Dec 17, 2004
  6. tbo

    tbo Guest

    what I should do? is able this Cisco 7940 to connect automatically to
    the voip or I should convert the cisco in SIP ?

    I'm registered now in Cisco website.
    tbo, Dec 17, 2004

  7. only talks SIP, so yes, you would need to first get
    the SIP image for the 7940 phone, and flash it up from a TFTP server
    to get the new image on it. Note: Cisco only gives out code updates to
    service contract holders, so you'll probably have to get somebody to
    get the SIP code for you if its not already running SIP (ie. does it
    say SIP up in the upper right hand corner of the display?).

    I haven't tried to connect this phone directly with,
    but have through Asterisk, so I don't think it would be too difficult if
    you got all the correct parameters into the SIP phone to start with,
    but you do need it to be running SIP.

    Reading the WIKI and the examples they give, and the
    sites they link to should give you an idea of what you'll need to do.
    But you mentioned about which is a VOIP provider?

    The only thing to do with the router might be to setup some QoS
    profiles if your router even supports such a thing? But that doesn't
    matter at first, it can work perfectly fine without any QoS.
    Doug McIntyre, Dec 17, 2004
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