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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by LeRoy, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. LeRoy

    LeRoy Guest

    We presently have a Frame Relay network set up between headquarters
    and four remote sites. Three of the remote site routers, each of which
    are cisco 1700 series routers with a fractional T1 csu/dsu, are going
    to be upgraded from 128k port to 384k port and 64k pvc to 256k pvc.
    The forth remote site router,which is a cisco 1700 series router with
    a 56k 4-wire csu/dsu, is being upgraded to have T1.5 access, 128k port
    and from 32k pvc to 64k pvc. The main router at headquaters is a cisco
    2600 series router with a fractional T1 csu/dsu and bandwidth of
    I've done most of the router reconfiguration for our company any
    time it has been needed (eg. change ip adress, change dhcp scope, etc
    ). The phone company said that this upgrade is going to involve some
    router reconfiguration. I suspect that the bandwidth setting on the
    routers will have to be changed from 128k to 384k at three sites and
    from 56k to 128k at the other site. Is there any other setting that
    needs to be reconfigured? Does the 56k 4-wire csu/dsu hardware at the
    forth remote site have to be changed to a fractional T1 csu/dsu? Any
    help will be greatly appreciated.
    LeRoy, Dec 1, 2004
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