Computer shuts down when I connect my cable modem through the ethernet cable

Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by Jeffrey W. Bowen, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. Hello,

    I have an Asus K8U-X with an onboard ULi PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter.

    The other evening our electricity went out a couple of times. I was able to
    turn the computer just fine with no adverse problems. The computer and
    peripherals are plugged into surge suppressors, so I didn't expect any
    problems to occur. The following morning, the computer would turn on but
    nothing would happen as if everything but the cpu or everything but the hard
    drive or video card was working.

    To troubleshoot the problem, I unplugged from the computer all unnecessary
    peripherals to see if I could find out if I might be able to get the
    computer to boot up. The first time I got a message to go into the cmos or
    start with default settings. Even with that the computer would not start up
    properly. So I pulled the box and opened it up to check the fans and
    connections to make sure nothing had come loose over time. I vacuumed out
    all of the dust bunnies and cleaned my memory sticks and video card. I took
    out the fans and cleaned the dust off of them and the cpu heatsink. I then
    cleared the cmos according to my mb manufacture's instructions to see if I
    could get the computer to start up again.

    After restoring the essential components, before closing the box back up, I
    hooked up my computer and started it to make sure the fans were working
    properly and the storage drives were all in working order. I was able to get
    to the login screen with no problem, so I put the system back together and
    turned everything on. The computer booted up, but shut down before it got to
    the login screen and would not start back up. I unplugged the Ethernet cable
    from the computer at which time, the computer tried to start itself up with
    no success. I unplugged it from the electricity for 30 seconds, and tried
    again without the Ethernet connected. It started up, and I was able to log
    in. While logged in, I connected the Ethernet cable with success, but when I
    switched on the cable modem, the computer shut down.

    I then disconnected the power cable from both the modem and the computer for
    30 seconds. I removed the Ethernet cable completely and connected the USB
    cable instead. I switched on my computer and it booted up perfectly, and I
    was able to log on and surf the net again.

    I then contacted my ISP to discuss this problem. The tech had me bring the
    modem and Ethernet cable to the nearest office the next day to get new
    equipment. Unfortunately, the computer still shuts down when I connect the
    Ethernet cable and turn on the modem.

    While my suspicion is that the on board Ethernet adapter is fried (probably
    because of the dust bunnies), I am hoping someone here might no if it might
    just be a setting I am overlooking. Otherwise, I will just cut my losses and
    get a new Ethernet card to connect to my computer.

    All drivers are up-to-date, and there are no IRQ conflicts or sharing that
    are interfering. I also removed my old phone line modem that is no longer

    Any help whether good or bad would be much appreciated.


    Thank you all in advance.

    Jeffrey W. Bowen
    formerly known as "Sky Captain"
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    successes and failures to the group so we can all see what works and what
    Jeffrey W. Bowen, Dec 4, 2008
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  2. Ethernet ports always seem be the victims of power surges. Get a new NIC
    and you should be able to connect again.
    Cari \(MS-MVP\), Dec 5, 2008
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  3. Thanks for the reply Cari,

    That was my initial decision when a new cable modem didn't solve the
    problem. Then, after getting the usb cable working, it only worked for a bit
    then even that didn't work causing the system to shut down.

    This led me to blieve that the fault was with the power supply.
    So I installed a new power supply yesterday which solved my problem.

    The ethernet connection and everything else now work as perfectly as they
    did before.

    I feel lucky that the power supply was the only thing I had to replace, and
    that nothing on the motherboard suffered any damage.

    Again, thanks.


    Jeffrey W. Bowen
    Remove "NO SPAM" entries from email address to send personal email.

    Please post replies of successes or failures so we all can benefit from each
    others' experiences.
    Jeffrey W. Bowen, Dec 6, 2008
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