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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Nick, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. Nick

    Nick Guest

    Could anyone help me the full steps i need to take installing hdd from
    scratch even os.
    i read this on some forum saying after installin Win Xp
    Install Service Pack 1a soon after OS
    Install USB drivers Q822603
    Install chipset drivers before any video or sound drivers
    Install LAN drivers
    Install DirectX9.0b before video drivers
    Install video drivers
    Install sound drivers
    Install LAN utility software if needed

    Well my situation is I'm using Asus P4PE i845PE chipset P4 2.4G 533FSB. 512
    DDR333 Ram, Leadtek Ti4800se.I got two ide hdd but they're not in Raid
    array. WD 80GB is in primary and Seagate is Secondary. I use seagate hdd as
    my backup hdd with all the downloads etc. so it doesn't get formated only WD
    get formated and now i've
    reinstalled Win Xp pro do i still need to install intel inf utility and
    intel application accelerator? the reason why i ask this is because in Asus
    installation CD those two softwares are present and i taught i might need to
    install them but my computer has always been unstable. and i read somewhere
    that intel inf utility doesn't need to be installed if using xp on i845
    chipsets since xp already support i845 chipsets. So right now I'm very
    confused. This would be like my 10th times formatting my pc and reinstalling
    everything over 2 years. I'm so sick and tired of it if you know my agany.
    so Please help me out if your kind enough because sometimes my post were
    unanswered. I dont know much about computers and i'm a newb and i really
    wants to learn from a professional and i admire them for their efforts.

    Thank you
    Nick, Jun 4, 2004
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