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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Chess Sadist, May 26, 2007.

  1. I have not read any Charter for this Group, ever, but I do believe
    such discussion was OT in the past?
    I fixed that.

    As one answer, they grew, on me :-^
    From a time when you had to phone in to the server
    and the pipe only ran "just up the road a bit". A time when Gentlemen
    and Ladies graced the scripted halls of what was "conversation".
    Hit and use "emoticons AND list" - no quotes -
    to get more links than you care to know about :-/

    The very first hit is heavily Americanised, as is the way of "sell to
    me" sites. Thus the expressions have lost their way somewhat.
    This page is maybe most accurate.

    None of it means Jack Shit if not taken in context with the language
    (style) used. Those who insist on :) or LOL after a sarcastic/cutting
    remark fool no one but themselves. Idiots made AOL and Idiots will
    parrot that learning curve :-D

    Mine own list is in the sig file.

    btw..I *did* hear the "St Kilda giggle", just in case you gave it a


    :) warm agreeing comfy smile
    :-> cheeky grin [or] "I am a Smart Arse" [or] "beat me you She/HeDevil, I love IT!" :->>>
    :-] "nuff said"
    :-} haughty chortle - "U reckon"
    :-/ wry/cynical smile
    :-D belly laff..can be sarcastic depending on the prefix (conversation)
    :-* "kiss my arse"
    :-~ wriggling tongue in cheek "I think that is a porkie", can be in jest.
    :p mild poke tongues - "yeh, whatever"
    :p huge poke tongues..usually a "nah nah na nah naa"
    :-¿ "What the phuck was that! "
    :-| "you are pissing me off, be careful of your response"
    :8-> "really !" (sarcasm)
    Hoo Phung Dungh, May 30, 2007
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  2. Chess Sadist

    Neil Green Guest

    in message
    Your own language no less, like Esperanto for nerds.
    I'm impressed.
    BTW(Sorry about the shorthand but I couldn't resist),
    what's the "St Kilda giggle"?
    Neil Green, May 30, 2007
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  3. Not strictly mine own. More like a variation in slipstreaming with
    'merikin speak on other forums. I choose to call it "Indigenous" and I
    reckon I am entitled to get creative seeing as how the 'merikins did
    exactly that, inventing their own version of English. Difference being
    of course, there are 250M of them and just one of lil ole me so it
    Fair enough, if you do not know then you were not. I rescind that
    remark. My antennae may need tweaking <gbfg>

    Then again the introduction (here) was a bit "off". I only dropped by
    to help out with another matter, one found on Google//Deja.

    Message-ID: <>

    I am still waiting for eMail from the manufacturer so I can post what
    I found,, I wont be around long so pay me no heed :)


    Hoo Phung Dungh, May 31, 2007
  4. Chess Sadist

    Neil Green Guest

    in message
    Still intrigued.
    What's the ST Kilda giggle.
    I've lived in Melbourne most of my life and never
    heard of it, unless it's to do with the old Giggle
    Neil Green, May 31, 2007
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