Computer keeps re-booting

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by shareyourknowledge, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. I'll try these ideas and see what happens. Thanks.
    shareyourknowledge, Mar 16, 2008
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  2. shareyourknowledge

    w_tom Guest

    If cleaning contacts, cleaning dust, etc solves anyting, then your
    hardware defect remains. That 'cleaning and reseating' recommendation
    will only cure symptoms; does not solve any problems.

    To find and fix the problem, what do system (event) logs say about
    the defect? What do the logs state about the reboot? IOW get facts
    long before suspecting any component. What does Device Manager
    report? What do the comprehensive hardware diagnostics (provided free
    by responsible computer manufacturers) report?
    w_tom, Mar 18, 2008
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  3. shareyourknowledge

    Bluesplayer Guest

    I dont understand , if , after a deep clean your problem is
    resolved , how can they still be a hardware problem ?
    Bluesplayer, Mar 18, 2008
  4. I don't get any prompts or any messages about defects. I apologize for
    not explaining any better. I'm not computer savvy.I get a screen that
    flashes quickly (too quick to read the text) and then i get a one
    second hum coming from inside the computer case. Then the computer re-
    boots. I've tried booting in all modes (safe mode, last known
    configuration, etc but no success) I'll need to do some more involved
    testing when i have time. Thanks to all for your advice.
    shareyourknowledge, Mar 18, 2008
  5. shareyourknowledge

    Baron Guest

    How on earth is the OP expected to view logs, device manager or run
    diagnostics on a non booting machine ????

    I think that what w-tom is trying to say is, it is a hardware problem
    that is not going to be cured by cleaning. Trouble is he goes around
    the houses first.
    I think that you could have a hardware problem, though without more
    specific information it would be difficult to pin down.
    Baron, Mar 18, 2008
  6. shareyourknowledge

    w_tom Guest

    This is not about being computer savvy. Stick only to what is
    known; assume nothing, and using talent available here. Time to
    start all over again. Be life savvy. Follow and report only the

    Computer powers up, makes a noise, then reboots. This is all that
    is known? IOW we should disregard all previous posts to ask questions
    relevant to what is actually known. How long between releasing the
    power button and reboot - in seconds.

    Does computer ever go through an initial startup program (also
    called the BIOS) basic computer hardware identified or maybe a
    manufacturer logo is displayed? Long before a computer even looks as
    disk drive data (and the OS), it must execute a program to discover
    hardware integrity, learn what memory is installed, talk to the video
    card in a text only mode, etc. Implied previously was that BIOS
    programs are executing without error, and then loading data from the
    disk drive. If booting in safe mode, then system does boot - then
    crash? However the latest post says otherwise; BIOS execution does not
    complete. Which is it?

    More responsible computer manufacturers provide comprehensive
    hardware diagnostics for your problems. If your manufacturer is not
    so responsible, then locate hardware diagnostics for individual
    components. These diagnostic are loaded by the BIOS; OS and disk drive
    is not involved. Another example of breaking a problem down into
    parts - what we do for all problems in life. Do these self-standing
    diagnostics load and execute? Do they load from a CD-Rom, floppy
    drive, or memory stick? Do you have those loading options? Or does
    BIOS fail long before those options are available?

    You don't need to do more testing. Instead, take advantage of
    skills available here. But replies will only be as useful as the
    facts that only you can provide. If you speculate and post those
    speculations as fact, then your best source for assistance is made
    useless. Important are specific facts such as how many seconds before
    reboot (a number) and what exactly does and does not execute.
    Currently, we don't even know if the BIOS finds memory. Does the
    speaker even beep? How many times - another essential number that
    makes replies useful.

    Meanwhile cleaning dust and reseating cards are what the technically
    naive recommend when not learning and utilizing sources for knowledge
    and experience.
    w_tom, Mar 18, 2008
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