Computer freezes/won't shut down or start

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by skylar, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. skylar

    skylar Guest

    I am having a weird problem!

    I have a Sony PCV-RS310, its less then 2 years old. Here's whats

    Usually happens when I'm watching video or listening to MP3s, but
    occasionally has happened when its just sitting doing nothing. It will
    just freeze and sound like its skipping "Hello how are you
    today-today-today-today-today-etc". The computer is non-responsive when
    I try to Alt-Ctrl-Del, sometimes I can move the mouse but it's REALLY
    choppy (and I can still turn on and off num lock on the keyboard) and
    eventually totally freezes, but can still see the picture and hear the
    looping sound. The power button will not shut down the computer at this
    point, even if I hold it in. So I end up unplugging the computer. Once
    I plug the computer back in, the power button does not work. Sometimes
    I jiggle some of the cords plugged into the hard drive, etc and then it
    will turn on (could be my imagination). Sometimes that doesnt work and
    I just wait a few minutes, then it works. Ocassionaly, I have had
    success unlocking the computer even while it's running by jiggling the
    hard drive cables. However, today it does not turn on at all! I also
    want to mention my computer also sometimes loses time.


    This has been happening occasionally for about a year. Last night it
    happened 6 times and then died! It also died a year ago and I took it
    into Sony to fix it and they were horrible to work with. They
    re-formatted my hard drives and said "here ya go!" and thought nothing
    was wrong. Now a year later I'm back to where I was before, only this
    time, I'm not under warranty!!

    I have tried:

    New hard drives
    New hard drive cables

    Any ideas what this could be? Before I spend a fortune on getting
    someone to look at it...

    skylar, Sep 21, 2005
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  2. skylar

    mark mandel Guest

    This could be a RAM issue. Remove the chips, clean the underside with a
    pencil eraser, swap the positions in the slots(if you have more than one)and
    if still a problem run memtest86(available at is
    downloaded onto a floppy or burned onto a CD, then run for several
    hours(make sure you then change the boot sequence to whatever device will
    run it).
    mark mandel, Sep 22, 2005
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  3. skylar

    Brian Guest

    after a year startup programs could be reinstalled, check to see what you
    have running in the background (ctrl-alt-del) from your desktop. You might
    be suprised at how much is actually there. You also may need more ram to
    watch video on your system with other programs running
    Brian, Oct 1, 2005
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