Computer Freezes on Start up

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by John, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. John

    John Guest

    Can anyone pls help with this problem?
    W98 PIII 500Mhz
    I changed a CD to a CD writer and then loaded the Nero software but instead
    of allowing the computer to restart someone pressed the reset button on the
    computer ( don't ask!). Now the computer boots to the point when the icons
    appear and the clock but it will go no further (the egg timer is now on all
    the time and the processor is inactive). Cont-alt-del gives no clues. Safe
    mode gives access but I don't know what to do now.
    I have disabled the CD but the same happens
    I have removed the Nero software change
    I was going to reload Nero or W98 over the existing files but in safe mode
    the CD is disabled.
    The last thing I want to do is reformat (even if I knew how) as there are
    years of info and photos on the hard drive.
    Thanks in advance for any replies and I am sitting in front of my own
    computer watching for a response...
    John, Dec 27, 2003
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  2. John

    Mara Guest

    Have you run Scandisk from safe mode?
    Mara, Dec 27, 2003
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  3. Have you tried Scandisk or Registry Checker in safe mode?
    If you really want to reinstall Windows without reformatting use your
    Windows startup disk it will load the cd rom drivers if you select to use cd
    rom support.But I would only do this as a last resort

    KnightTripper, Dec 27, 2003
  4. John

    Harrison Guest

    Use scanreg /restore to restore a known good copy of the registry and
    start over.
    Harrison, Dec 27, 2003
  5. John

    °Mike° Guest

    Your first step is to boot into Safe Mode and run Scandisk
    with a *full* surface scan. Allow the scan to finish a
    complete check of the hard drive. After that, perform
    some basic system maintenance; this can be done in
    Safe Mode.

    Basic computer maintenance

    Once that has been performed, boot into DOS and type:

    scanreg /restore

    Choose a restore point prior to the problem.
    °Mike°, Dec 27, 2003
  6. John

    nnader Guest

    Was your CDROM set up as slave or master? how about your CDWR, you know that
    CDWR should be set as master?
    nnader, Dec 27, 2003
  7. John

    John Guest

    Thanks to all.
    CD set as Master and def working because the software loaded. Problem must
    stem from use of reset button.
    Scan disk has run a few times but not in safe mode...does this make a

    "Once that has been performed, boot into DOS and type:
    scanreg /restore
    Choose a restore point prior to the problem.".....How do you do this?
    John, Dec 27, 2003
  8. John

    sds Guest

    Go back to safe mode after making sure you have no lost cluster or bad
    sectors (scandisk should fix that).

    Then click on start, then run. Type in "msconfig" minus the quotesthen
    click on ok.Click on the Startup tab. Uncheck EVERYTHING. Click on OK,
    and then restart the computer (PROPERLY, NEVER RESTART THE COMPUTER
    WITH THE RESET BUTTON UNLESS IT"S FROZEN). See if that gives you a
    good desktop.

    If it does then you need to type msconfig again and enable ("check")
    some stuff and repeat the proccess...if it freezes again then you know
    what program is at fault.
    sds, Dec 27, 2003
  9. John

    °Mike° Guest

    Well, since you state that you can only get to Safe Mode, I
    suppose that makes a difference.
    Reboot and hold the CTRL key after the BIOS POST. When you
    get the DOS menu, select 'Command Prompt Only'. At the C:>
    prompt, type "scanreg /restore", without the quotes.
    °Mike°, Dec 27, 2003
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