CompTIA reneges on agreement with CompTIA cert holders

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by walterbyrd, Jan 23, 2010.

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    This directly affects, at least 800,000 CompTIA holders [1], but has
    not been covered by any major tech news sites [2].

    Up until this year, CompTIA promised that those certifications were
    good for a lifetime. However, recently CompTIA has reneged on that

    Here is a direct quote from CompTIA's 2005 website, still viewable in
    the web archieves:

    Here is a direct quote from CompTIA's 2003 website, also still
    viewable in the web archieves:

    To many, this may seem to constitute a unilateral contract. Once
    consideration has been given to CompTIA, this contract would seem to
    be a binding contract. None-the-less, legal or illegal, CompTIA has
    decided to renege on their agreements with hundreds of thousands of
    certification holders.

    From CompTIA's current website:

    Whether or not expiring certifications are good or bad, for cert
    holders is beside the point. Previous cert holders had an agreement
    with CompTIA, and it is not fair, and should not be legal, for CompTIA
    to arbitrarily break that agreements.

    If CompTIA wants to change their agreement with subsequent exam
    takers, then that is a different matter. Comptia has no right to
    renege on agreements that they have already been made. A done deal is
    a done deal. If I pay to get a lifetime certification, then I expect
    to get a lifetime certification - period.

    [1] According to Wikipedia, CompTIA has awarded 800,000 A+
    certifications. CompTIA's new policy affects all A+ certification
    holders, and well as all Network+ and Security+ certification holders.
    Of course, in many cases, several certs are held by the same

    [2] This has been covered by some minor certification-oriented sites,
    some personal blogs, and CompTIA's own website.

    CompTIA Certifications Get a Retroactive Expiration Date - 13-Jan-2010

    CompTIA reneges over 800,000 lifetime A+ Certifications!

    CompTIA Certification Renewal Policy

    Certification Renewal Policy FAQs

    Addressing Certification Concerns
    walterbyrd, Jan 23, 2010
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