Complete MCSE or change to MCTS

Discussion in 'MCTS' started by Mikoyan, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Mikoyan

    Mikoyan Guest

    I have just completed MCSA and have 3 exams to go to be MCSE. Should I
    bother completing them or is pursuing MCSE wasting time?

    I work in a school as junior admin, we use Server 2003, Exchange 2003 and XP
    which is why I took MCSA route - and it has proved very, very useful.

    However my boss is planning to upgrade all client PCs to Windows 7 in April
    2010, whilst maintaining current Servers at 2003. Although we will
    inevitably have to upgrade someday.

    Any advice would be greatfully received.

    Regards Anastas
    Mikoyan, Dec 24, 2009
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  2. The MCSE is a useful cert because it is an industry recognized Senior
    Cert... one step up from MCSA. MCTS is good as well, but is not Senior.

    I would definitely complete your MCSE but also begin down the path to MCTS.

    Mitch Garvis, MCT, Dec 26, 2009
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