Compact Flash versus Memory Stick

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Laurence Koster, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. Laurence Koster

    NJH Guest

    It's possible, but to me it would be a turn-off to have a camera with two
    memory slots, one of which would be perfectly useless for me. My guess is
    that that "feature" is likely to turn away at least as many buyers as it

    NJH, Oct 30, 2003
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  2. Laurence Koster

    yep Guest

    Please. Take your own advice and stop posting in this thread.
    There are about three threads in here where you have stated that you
    will not anymore in this thread. I just wish to would stick to your
    word that's all.

    It's not enough you don't read carefully other peoples posts and
    correctly interpret what they say, but you can't even keep track of
    your own words! It's impossible to have a conversation with someone
    like that.
    yep, Oct 30, 2003
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  3. Laurence Koster

    NJH Guest

    That seems to me to be entirely Sony's fault for sticking with a proprietary
    (and now semi-obsolescent) memory card. There are several makers of
    excellent quality digital cameras which use more STANDARD and up-to-date
    memory types, and Sony is necessarily in competition with them. I would
    probably have considered Sony digicams myself if they accepted CompactFlash
    or SD cards. The value of that is now finally occurring to Sony, evidently.

    NJH, Oct 30, 2003
  4. Laurence Koster

    yep Guest

    That above argument of mine that you quote cannot logically be disputed. You
    There is no argument fool. Because nobody ever said the storage media
    was the most important factor in choosing a camera. You are so
    desperate to prove your point that lying and putting words in people's
    mouths is the only way to defend it. That's a sign of poor character
    Shame on you!
    yep, Oct 30, 2003
  5. But I don't think anyone here has said that they chose a camera
    just because of media type. It's just another factor that you weigh
    when purchasing a camera. Media type is one factor, I also looked
    at battery type, lens type etc... The Sony cameras just weren't
    that much better than the others. I also think Sony has a poor record
    for durability and customer service. These are also things that I weighed.

    The original poster asked for the advantages/disadvantages of MS vs CF.
    One of the disadvantages of MS is that they're only used in Sony cameras
    and they cost more. Those are pretty much facts.

    It's not about brand loyalty.
    It's about maximizing your options in the future and minimizing your losses.

    If Sony came out with a camera that was that much better than the others,
    I would buy it, MS or not. But they haven't.

    Anyway, I think CF is the standard for now, but SD will be the next wave.

    John Rossbach, Oct 30, 2003
  6. Laurence Koster

    JohnO Guest

    I think the "wants to be" is incorrect and they are and have been since
    the begining.
    I really can not agree with this. Seems more likely they do see a huge
    share of their market going with CF and have decided to target those digital
    camera buyers. As I've said previous, this doom & gloom theory is nonsense.

    Remember, the f828 will probably not be bought by the average point &
    shooter because of the price. Sony is tapping into the more advanced user
    that would never buy a Sony previously because of MS yet at the same time
    keeping the previous MS users able to upgrade. If you don't see this as a
    plus, not only for the consumer but more so for Sony and you see it as an
    end to MS, I seriously don't think you have looked into the facts and

    What I read was Sony is coming out with a couple new digital cameras and
    they will be using the Memory Stick Duo (which is even smaller than the MS
    or MS Pro) If they are phasing out MS, why enter another type? And why enter
    another type or phase MS out and have almost 500 companies developing a
    variety of products based on MS?
    I'm not in business but common sense says if they are going full bore on
    using MS in a number of other electronic devices, by other companies, why
    would they abandon the primary use of MS in their own digital cameras?
    Really? Beta and ??????

    So they make a product (Beta) which from my reading was actually a
    better way of doing it but the marketing and sales didn't catch on and this
    was what? 25 years ago? Now everything they develop is going the same route?

    Have I not also read that to this day, professionals still use and
    much prefer the Beta format?

    But lets look at the Beta VCR for a second. Thinking back to the 1st VCR
    days I recall the local video store having a good selection of Beta movies.
    I also seem to remember them being phased out (as Beta didn't catch on).
    Never used Beta but have had a number of VHS VCR's and I'll bet those Beta
    VCR's lasted as long as my 1st VHS VCR.

    This hangup people have with Sony based on a product that didn't make it
    and now relating it to everything they do is a joke.
    JohnO, Oct 30, 2003
  7. Laurence Koster

    FOR7b Guest

    It's possible, but to me it would be a turn-off to have a camera with two
    Why? Neither prevents the other from working.

    FOR7b, Oct 30, 2003
  8. Laurence Koster

    FOR7b Guest

    Newsgroups are an open forum for exchanging ideas, advice, and opinions. If

    About? Not sure? Yet you use something you are not sure about to accuse someone
    of something? Hmm.

    Two to be exact, in reply to two different people who I am no longer responding

    Like I said, you are free to move on.

    Be sure that when you accuse someone of something that you are 100% sure and
    that you are not doing the same exact thing you are accusing someone of.

    Your interpretation but it's far from the truth. Anyone who has read the thread
    from the beginning can clearly see that.

    Then why do you bother to reply to me again? Why? Why cause yourself grief?
    Apparently my remarks really bother you, so why do you reply? Agree to disagree
    and move on. No big deal.

    Here, I'll show you how easy it is. I will no longer reply to you. I'll give
    you the last word because I think you'll still want to reply. Hopefully I'm

    And if I do end up unintentionally replying to you at another time in the
    future then let me know because I don't normally filter people or go out of my
    way to try and remember who does or doesn't like my comments. This is just a

    FOR7b, Oct 30, 2003
  9. Laurence Koster

    Charlie Self Guest

    Forjb responds:
    And the dual slots can be used as a changeable item, switching to the second
    type of card when the first is full. Olympus likes that idea, in at least the
    5050 and E10 and E20. Doesn't seem to have harmed their sales: I've used the
    E10 a bit and it is a great convenience at times, especially if you already
    have both SM and CF cards on hand.

    Charlie Self
    "Ain't no man can avoid being born average, but there ain't no man got to be
    common." Satchel Paige
    Charlie Self, Oct 30, 2003
  10. Laurence Koster

    FOR7b Guest

    And the dual slots can be used as a changeable item, switching to the second
    Good example.

    FOR7b, Oct 30, 2003
  11. Laurence Koster

    Ron Hunter Guest

    It may be inconceivable to you, but not everyone is interested in
    picture quality needed for barn-size blowups. Most of us just want
    something that looks good at 4x6. Most current digitals are more than
    adequate to this task. Beyond that, it is features, memory type,
    availability, batter type, etc., that factor into the decision.
    Ron Hunter, Oct 30, 2003
  12. Laurence Koster

    Ron Hunter Guest

    I suspect that you will see both within the next 12 months. Seems it
    wouldn't be too difficult to set up a Bluetooth connection from the
    camera to a WiFI device, or even a GSM equiped cell phone.
    Ron Hunter, Oct 30, 2003
  13. Laurence Koster

    NJH Guest

    Right, but it's sort of like having a buggy-whip holder on an automobile.
    (They actually did put them on autos in the very early years, because people
    expected a buggy-whip holder in that spot.)

    I just don't want a camera with an absolutely non-useful extra memory slot.

    NJH, Oct 30, 2003
  14. Laurence Koster

    NJH Guest

    That's different. SmartMedia and CompactFlash are both standard, widely
    available non-brand specific forms of memory. It makes sense for Olympus to
    do that because older Olympus owners presumably already have SM cards which
    they will want to continue using, and with the 5050 etc. can now use the CF
    cards as well which have obvious advantages over SM.

    NJH, Oct 30, 2003
  15. Laurence Koster

    Joern G. Guest

    Only IR-remote? Boring!
    There is a RF radio remote control for the F717 (and some more sony cameras).
    It works from any angle, over 100m and through walls!

    I mean the JG-RC1 here

    Joern G., Oct 30, 2003
  16. Laurence Koster

    yep Guest

    Two to be exact, in reply to two different people who I am no longer responding
    Another lie. You clearly said you were done with the whole discussion.

    It's all in print, so yeh I'm sure.
    To expose you for the liar you are. When someone says lies about you,
    there is a need to defend yourself.
    Thank you.
    You can say all you want and embarrass yourself in front of millions
    of people. I just don't like your lies and twisting other people's
    words. Take my advice, you'll be a better person for it.
    yep, Oct 30, 2003
  17. Laurence Koster

    FOR7b Guest

    Why would that be "inconceivable" to me? Because I care about image quality I
    would find that "inconceivable?" Isn't that a bit of a stretch?

    Are you saying image quality differences between digicams can not be seen with
    prints at 4x6?

    Also, beyond that image quality is even more of a factor.

    FOR7b, Oct 31, 2003
  18. Laurence Koster

    FOR7b Guest

    Memory Stick is not widely available? Also, how often do you plan on buying it?
    It's not like we are talking about film.

    It makes sense for Olympus to
    What are those "obvious advantages?"

    FOR7b, Oct 31, 2003
  19. Laurence Koster

    JohnO Guest

    What am I so desperate about? Please, let me know! I need my life
    back in order.

    Is it because I don't feel that a report from the CEO of Sony is a
    lie? In fact these type of reports are what the stock holders and
    future investors want to hear from their CEO. It's what gets new
    investors to take notice. It's what keeps the competitors on their
    toes. I don't think they are lies at all. In fact I think they are
    very good indicators.

    Or is it because I pointed to good information proving you wrong
    about the Memory Stick demise? Am I wrong that almost 500 companies
    are buying into the lies of Sony, according to you?

    Perhaps it's because I see no difference between buying any kind of
    memory card that works in a camera that has the features I want?

    Could it be that I think you (and others) comparing what happened
    to Betamax VCR's is completely invalid when considering Sony has
    already sold 50,000,000 Memory Sticks and holds one of the largest (if
    not the largest) share of digital camera sales?

    Oh, I also don't think that the Memory Stick is any part of the
    reason for the layoff of 20,000 workers ... could that be it?

    I'll bet it has to be my diagreeing with you that Sony is only
    saving face and that is why they are dropping the MS and by adding a
    CF slot and a MS slot Sony has admitted defeat and thus you have
    proven the end of the MS is not far off.

    Or is it just that I am not as parnoid that something as simple as
    a memory cards for a digital camera, no matter what format, style,
    color or size will be imposed on me, which is also done by every
    company that shows its product in any advertisment.

    Sombody please help me!!!!!!! :)
    JohnO, Oct 31, 2003
  20. Laurence Koster

    Paolo Pizzi Guest

    Yeah right, you take the pulse of a corporation by asking
    the CEO... Why didn't you buy Enron stocks a couple
    of years ago? According to Ken Lay, everything was
    Suuuuuuuuuuuuuure, and then why SERIOUS investors
    ALWAYS try to get unbiased opinions from INDEPENDENT
    ??? Sony PR tidbits? So, you really think that Sony
    competitors take PR garbage at face value? (Especially
    when they do EXACTLY the same when it's their turn
    to LIE to the investors...)
    Like I said, you are a lucky you did not buy Enron stocks...
    Or Worldcom, or Martha Stewart's or any other stock
    that tanked pathetically after a fantastic report offered
    by the CEO (which, of course, was meanwhile secretly
    selling that piece of toilet paper...)
    Look, you are the only person in the world who can consider
    PR garbage RELIABLE. Enough said.
    It's not. And I give TWO more examples: 8mm and Beta SP.
    Both proprietary formats, both FINISHED because Sony
    refused to accept the standards adopted by rest of the world.
    Source? Don't tell me...SONY!!
    Like I said before, it's the ATTITUDE of trying to force
    its own standards which DID NOT WORK. It did not
    work for Betamax, it did not work for Beta SP (a pro
    format which broadcasting pros REFUSED even if
    Sony had the largest chunk of the market, Sony eventually
    had to discard it and join the rest of the world...), it did not
    work for 8mm (or even Hi-8, proof that just because you
    are tweaking the standard, it doesn't mean you have a
    winner) and it will not work for MS.
    You called me "paranoid" and you hinted the above.
    Go back to your previous messages.
    Paolo Pizzi, Oct 31, 2003
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