Compact Flash versus Memory Stick

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Laurence Koster, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. Laurence Koster

    Paolo Pizzi Guest

    That's because nobody dumps their equipment all at once.
    Brief me on *new* sales of BetaSP equipment.

    I rest my case.
    It's not by twisting reality that you win arguments...
    Paolo Pizzi, Oct 31, 2003
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  2. Laurence Koster

    George Kerby Guest

    So that's why B&H still has 18 pages dedicated to Beta sp decks in their Pro
    Video catalogue?

    You have no case to rest.

    George Kerby, Oct 31, 2003
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  3. Laurence Koster

    NJH Guest

    I suppose it is, but I see sales advertised for SmartMedia and CompactFlash
    all the time, and obviously there are many brands of camera that have used
    both of those for years. I really have no idea how sales figures compare,
    but Memory Stick is essentially for the Sony brand only and that must limit
    its sales somewhat. Isn't it also true that until fairly recently *only*
    Sony brand sticks were sold? So that the Sony owner had to pay whatever Sony
    wanted to charge.

    No, it doesn't get used up like film, which obviously is a darn good thing
    since the cost per shot would be unbearable otherwise. Nevertheless, I think
    most of us do gradually increase our store of memory cards over time.
    Certainly I have.

    SmartMedia has a 128 MB limit, like the (single) Memory Stick. It will never
    go higher. CompactFlash offers ever larger capacities, currently available
    up to 2 GB and it will probably go higher still. Also, CompactFlash gets
    faster and faster in read/write speeds, while I don't think anyone is doing
    any further development of SmartMedia. (Why would they?)

    NJH, Oct 31, 2003
  4. Laurence Koster

    Paolo Pizzi Guest

    Because, like I said, no station can afford to dump all their
    BetaSP's at once.
    I sure do. Open reel has long been dead, yet you can still buy
    an open reel machine. Try to explain why and maybe, just
    maybe, you will be able to get my point...
    Paolo Pizzi, Oct 31, 2003
  5. Laurence Koster

    NJH Guest

    And image quality has *what* to do with the type of memory used?

    If you're saying that Sony makes some cameras with excellent image quality,
    I'm sure that is true. But it is also true of several other brands.

    The choice for the buyer, then, is:

    1. Buy a camera which provides excellent image quality and uses a
    proprietary memory card, which will almost certainly never be usable in
    99.99% of cameras of any other brand, is design-limited in megabyte capacity
    and has a somewhat doubtful future; or

    2. Buy a camera which provides excellent image quality and uses an
    industry-standard memory card, which will be usable in many if not all other
    brands of camera and is already available in capacities up to 16 times the
    maximum capacity of the other, with further increases almost certain to

    Except for the buyer who is devoted heart and soul to the brand of camera in
    case 1, such that he cannot imagine himself ever changing brands for any
    reason, I think that provides a strong incentive to buy some other brand.

    NJH, Oct 31, 2003
  6. Laurence Koster

    yep Guest

    That's baloney! That's just a reader survey. Here is a real

    "Olympus moved up one place this month knocking Sony from fourth to

    So no way they are the number one seller!
    yep, Oct 31, 2003
  7. Laurence Koster

    George Kerby Guest

    Open reel Video? Sorry you're wrong. Period. End of story!

    Open reel Audio? Can't be certain. I just threw out my two B&H Pro Audio
    catalogues because I don't do that too much anymore. But, scanning through
    them before I chunked them in the round file, I cannot recall any open reel
    machines, multitrack or consumer, in the book(s).

    Your theory has more leaks than a rusty bucket.

    Besides, all of this is moot since most professional image gathering will
    change over to a disk based system rather than passing a stretchable
    degradable media over some magnet. It's already in "The Booth". This will
    happen soon because it is cheaper and more stable than the 1930's techniques
    that are based on the Wire Recorder (remember those?).
    George Kerby, Oct 31, 2003
  8. Laurence Koster

    yep Guest

    Baloney! This time I'll give you the top selling Cameras in JAPAN.

    Sony only has one camera on the list and it's dead last!

    1 (1) - Olympus C-900 ZOOM (89,800 yen, approx. US$742)
    2 (-) - Fuji FinePix 2700 (94,800 yen, approx. US$783)
    3 (-) - Olympus D-340L (No price listed)
    4 (-) - Sanyo DSC-X110 (68,000 yen, approx. US$568)
    5 (2) - Fuji FinePix 700 (99,800 yen, approx. US$833)
    6 (6) - Fuji FinePix 500 (74,800 yen, approx. US$625)
    7 (8) - Fuji FinePix 600Z (94,800 yen, approx. US$783)
    8 (-) - Ricoh DC-4U (84,800 yen, approx. US$708)
    9 (5) - Canon PowerShot A5 Zoom (84,800 yen, approx. US$708)
    10 (9) - Sony MVC-FD81 (99,800 yen, approx. US$833)
    yep, Oct 31, 2003
  9. Laurence Koster

    yep Guest

    Beta SP is gone? Tell that to CNN, Fox, and most local ENG stations!
    Sony made an announcement a few months ago that they will no longer be
    manufacturing BETA equipment - including the pro stuff. Do a search on
    the web and you shall see.
    yep, Oct 31, 2003
  10. Laurence Koster

    George Kerby Guest

    Well I guess I missed that. Others will most likely follow suit. However,
    the format isn't "dead" as the poster that I was responding to indicated.
    But the announcement you mentioned is not a good prognosis for the
    'patient'. :)
    George Kerby, Oct 31, 2003
  11. Laurence Koster

    Paolo Pizzi Guest

    Open reel AUDIO. Sorry, I'm still right and you're still out
    of argument and in need to twist my word and insult me to
    feel you are winning.
    I am.
    So, you base your assumptions on what's in the B&H catalog?
    Really? Too bad you just can't prove it...
    Paolo Pizzi, Oct 31, 2003
  12. Laurence Koster

    Paolo Pizzi Guest

    Well, I guess, you were WRONG, as usual.
    Paolo Pizzi, Oct 31, 2003
  13. Laurence Koster

    Paolo Pizzi Guest

    But but but but....the SONY CEO says it's not true!!
    And that's a much more RELIABLE source!!
    Paolo Pizzi, Oct 31, 2003
  14. Laurence Koster

    Paolo Pizzi Guest

    I'm afraid those figures are for Australia only. Still, what the guy
    who takes the Sony PR garbage at face value (and insults whoever
    dares to reason with him) says is obviously NOT TRUE.
    You have proven that in Australia Sony is NOT the leader, let's
    see elsewhere:


    (I remind you that the European digital camera market is the
    third largest and it's just a tiny bit smaller than the US market.)


    There is no doubt that Sony WAS the leader in digital camera sales
    IN THE US - but not worldwide (*) - until last year, but their position
    has obviously been slipping and the fact that they are now fitting CF
    slots in new models is a strong indicator that customer dislike for the
    non-standard MS may have played an important role.

    Figures for 2003 aren't available on the net and publications
    from reputable research groups (you know John, the "independent
    sources" you claim don't exist or base their work on rumors
    from the guys who clean the Sony headquarters...) cost something
    like $3,000-4,000 and I certainly don't intend to waste such a
    heap of cash just to win an argument with an anonymous person
    who has insulted me on the usenet.

    As you see, dear John, when I want to research something, I can
    do it MUCH BETTER than you. You can only quote Sony PR
    tidbits and insult everyone who tries to reason with you.

    And I'm the "paranoid raving idiot"?

    You have COMPLETELY lost the argument.

    (*) The US digital camera market is NOT the world's largest
    but the second largest, with the European market (just
    SLIGHTLY smaller) in the third place.
    Paolo Pizzi, Oct 31, 2003
  15. Laurence Koster

    George Kerby Guest

    Pretty much. They are the "source" for the majority of professional
    equipment. Thre's a guy that posts here who is an employee. I'll take his
    word for it, not some 'expert' that spends more time online than actually
    working in the area. (Hint: Look in a mirror)
    And, likewise, I'm sure...
    George Kerby, Oct 31, 2003
  16. Laurence Koster

    Paolo Pizzi Guest

    That's funny, because even Sony has announced that development
    and production of all BetaSP equipment HAS ENDED.
    Hey, but if you still see it on your catalog, then what Sony says
    must not be true, hahahahahahahahahahaha
    Sorry, the Sony announcement I quoted before pretty much proves
    that you were WRONG. Only you are too full of it to admit it...
    Paolo Pizzi, Oct 31, 2003
  17. Laurence Koster

    Sloopy Guest

    Well, yeah. Look at your posts!

    Sloopy, Nov 1, 2003
  18. Laurence Koster

    Paolo Pizzi Guest

    At least that post was ON TOPIC with this newsgroup.
    You are clearly NOT interested in photography, you
    are just a fascist punk looking for a fight on usenet,
    no matter the group.

    Get lost, troll.
    Paolo Pizzi, Nov 1, 2003
  19. Laurence Koster

    George Kerby Guest

    Another positive indication that you are a lying bastard. Another poster
    point that out long after you started pontificating about it. I responded to
    that poster and so did you. Do a Google next time and get your story
    straight before you start spreading shit, Mr. Professor.
    Pathological Liar!
    George Kerby, Nov 1, 2003
  20. Laurence Koster

    George Kerby Guest

    He has no ability to remember because of his nature. So you are wasting your
    breath, Sloopy.
    George Kerby, Nov 1, 2003
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