comodo says is not to be trusted

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by richard, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. richard

    richard Guest

    Just out of curiosity I went to this site to see what scam they were
    running. Most of these sites that run ads on tv are scammers in some form.

    So I started to run their "free diagnosis" tool which is a file you
    download and install on your machine.

    Well, Comodo went nuts. First comodo said there was a virus, then found
    malware. Nope. Ain't gonna do this puppy. As I'm sure that in order to
    really clean my registry, they will then ask you to pay a nice tidy sum for
    doing so. Along with telling you certain things that don't really exist on
    your machine.

    If you want to do it right and free, my old favorite that hasn't failed yet
    is toniart's EasyCleaner:

    Toni was a mere child of 14 when he wrote this program. Because his program
    became so popular, the people who owned his domain name hijacked it and
    tried to sell the free program.
    richard, Apr 11, 2010
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  2. richard

    Mike Easter Guest

    richard wrote:
    Subject: comodo says is not to be trusted Norton Safe
    Web found no issues with this site.

    That being said, I wouldn't choose to install a free diagnostic tool
    which requires payment to remove what it finds. The developers would be
    motivated to classify all kinds of benign findings as requiring payment
    for the removal tool.
    Mike Easter, Apr 11, 2010
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  3. richard

    richard Guest

    The site itself is not the issue. As Norton probably can't check the file
    you need to download before you download it.
    richard, Apr 11, 2010
  4. richard

    Mike Easter Guest

    42 AV engines at virustotal called the .exe 100% negative.

    InstallCyberDefenderREG-023754.exe received on 2010.03.20 14:38:07 (UTC)
    Current status: finished
    Result: 0/42 (0.00%)

    Complete details including whatall is going on in the registry available

    There is (also) a website detailing a customer's disputes with
    CyberDefender charges.

    A cyberdefender rep also responded on the site.

    It sounds like a legitimate payware antimalware which has a promotional
    style which I don't agree.
    Mike Easter, Apr 11, 2010
  5. richard

    chuckcar Guest

    Just don't bother giving computer advice. You understand the
    fundamentals of how they work even less than Evan.
    chuckcar, Apr 13, 2010
  6. richard

    rf Guest

    rf, Apr 13, 2010
  7. That's exactly what I thought when I read Chuckie's reply.

    I'll pop the popcorn, you bring the beer.
    Beauregard T. Shagnasty, Apr 13, 2010
  8. richard

    Mike Yetto Guest

    Damn. Just when I was convinced we'd never see them together in
    the same room. Great Balls of Fire... there really is two of them.

    Mike "is it 2012 already?" Yetto
    Mike Yetto, Apr 13, 2010
  9. richard

    chuckcar Guest

    What, you actually *believed* that bullshit from Tony and his rancid
    meat created clones?
    chuckcar, Apr 13, 2010
  10. richard

    Mike Yetto Guest

    If you stand atop a ladder the whoosh bird...

    Mike "oh, never mind" Yetto
    Mike Yetto, Apr 13, 2010
  11. richard

    chuckcar Guest

    Meat Plow wrote in
    Wimp. It's Mead Stout or Bock. There *is* no other beers.
    chuckcar, Apr 13, 2010
  12. richard

    chuckcar Guest

    Meat Plow wrote in
    Anything less than wine is not something one tries to get drunk on
    either - too much comes out the other end. Stronger beers are harder to
    make and have better taste IMHO. That makes them better by any measure.
    chuckcar, Apr 14, 2010
  13. richard

    Aardvark Guest

    Black lager? Sorry, no such animal.

    Black and Tan is half Guinness, half pale ale or bitter.

    For sheer luxury value, try Black Velvet- half Guinness, half Champagne.
    Aardvark, Apr 14, 2010
  14. richard


    Sep 20, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Do You have any idea how to uninstall MaxMySpeed?

    It doesn't want to uninstall, I go to "Programs and Features" and it doesn't unistall.
    I'm so upset about this crap. I have tried severe times, but that sh*t still there.
    dobleK, Sep 20, 2011
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