Command line syntax is Invalid????

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by trey.tull, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. trey.tull

    trey.tull Guest

    Hello, I am kinda new to this, but I'm trying to rename a file Coll-
    Recall-[date][time].txt with Recall[date].txt. When i run the scripts
    i get "the syntax of the command is incorrect". I have put the REN
    line of code below....can someone tell me whats wrong. This is on a
    W2K3 server. Thank you for your help.

    cd c:\
    ren d:\Enable\Coll-Recall-*.txt Recall%date:~-2,2%%date:~4,2%
    trey.tull, Apr 24, 2007
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  2. trey.tull

    why? Guest

    Love the line wrap, take your pick -
    The %date, what is %date set to?
    The ~ part of the shortfile name?
    Oops, the ~ is a command for the the 2.2?
    that's using : as delimiter.

    Then again if you add it all together, it's grabbing the value


    Is this some scripting language you invented? Doesn't look like KiXtart,
    which should be on every Win server.
    Usually I find it easier to use Perl on any OS.

    why?, Apr 24, 2007
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