Column: Upgrading an AMD64 Turion Laptop to Windows XP x64 Edition

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Guest, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. No, and no.

    The basic instruction set is the same for x64 and x86. What's different are
    additonal registers and additional memory address space, both of which
    require a 64bit OS to take advantage of. So your 32-bit Windows Server 2003
    won't run faster than 64-bit Windows Server 2003. And you won't waste


    Charlie Russel - MVP, May 15, 2006
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  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I've had a very similar experience, moving from a 6 year old IBM Thinkpad to
    the Acer Ferrari 4000, and have had the new computer for a week. It's
    extremely fast but installation problems with older software is a problem.
    Some antispyware applications will not load, Sony's Sonicstage software (for
    burning Hi-MDs) will not load, and even the installation disk with a new Palm
    700p would not load. I've invariably been getting Error Code 1719 (that
    Windows is either running in a safe mode or the Windows Installer is
    corrupted). This is as challenging as getting my first computer. Any
    suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as Acer's customer support has been
    Guest, Jul 18, 2006
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  3. Guest

    Jud Hendrix Guest

    I've had problems installing Sony-software as well. By the looks of it, the
    main-file is just a wrapper of all the files, and the installation first
    unpacks the files, and that starts the installation, and there it fails. If
    you have a peek in the <Program Files>-folder, you will find a Sony set-up
    directory (not sure anymore about precise name). If you open that one, and
    double-click the Setup.exe from there, installation should proceed.

    Of course I am assuming here you have the same problem as me :)

    Jud Hendrix, Jul 18, 2006
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have a HP Pavillion 2400 series, Turion 64.
    It's amazing the how it works better and faster with the Windows x64. But in
    Brazil, HP do not delivers its Notebooks with this O.S.
    I am a Photographer too. But a Professional Photographer that becames a
    specialist in O.S.'s. By now, I am testing the programs that I have license
    to use, like Corel Draw 12, PaintShop Pro-X and Office 2003. All of them work
    nicely, faster and with stable.
    I found drivers for all hardware included with my Notebook, even the
    Wireless Broadcom and the Synaptics TouchPad. And about the AV, I choose the
    free Avast 64 bits Edition and it works very well.
    Thank you for the idea and the way to achieve it you presented to us.
    Guest, Aug 10, 2006
  5. Guest

    Barb Bowman Guest

    Barb Bowman, Aug 10, 2006
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Enjoyed your column. Just purchased an HP notebook with the Turion and XP
    Media Center. I'd like to know your thoughts on upgrading to 64-bit XP
    professional. I will also be using ATI's usb tv tuner on this notebook.


    Charles Eppler
    Guest, Nov 1, 2006
  7. Guest

    Barb Bowman Guest

    I'd wait for Vista at this point. My Ferrari 4000 is happily running
    Vista x64 Ultimate which include MCE functionality. No MCE in XP
    x64, unfortunately.

    Was the HP sold as Vista Prenium Ready? If you post a link to it, I
    might be able to say more. Also, can you post a link and info on the
    ATI USB tuner? The issue will be x64 drivers that are signed.

    On Wed, 1 Nov 2006 13:31:02 -0800, Charles Eppler <Charles

    Barb Bowman
    MS Windows-MVP
    Expert Zone & Vista Community Columnist
    Barb Bowman, Nov 2, 2006
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i bort a game it sede onley worcks on my laptol is acer 2300

    Guest, Oct 26, 2007
  9. Guest

    Theo Guest

    What is the point of your post?

    As it's written it doesn't make any sense to me.

    How does it relate to the original post and the subject?
    Theo, Oct 26, 2007
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