Color Management?????

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Steven, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. Steven

    Steven Guest

    As amateur photographers to you find that color management is hard to
    achieve. Do you use it? Does the image software you use make it easy
    to correct the way the file looks on the monitor to the final print.
    Does your camera support P.I.M? Do you use the information from P.I.M
    to print your pictures? These are some of the questions I get from the
    local photo club. If you were to have a software program to help you
    with the final print looking like you saw it or what is on your
    monitor what would you like it to have , what would you like
    included in this kind of software? How much would you pay for a
    software package that would help you achieve great results? Are there
    any software programs out there that already do this?
    I don't want to reinvent the wheel and make another imagining program,
    because there are a lot of good out there already but a software
    package that helps you do the final printing and help you get the
    results you want. Any feed back is welcome here in the newsgroup or
    emailing me directly at dfw$. Take out the money to
    get to my email address.

    Steven, Dec 21, 2003
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  2. Steven

    Flycaster Guest

    What's wrong with Adobe Photoshop Elements 2? It does everything you've
    listed, for about $50.
    Flycaster, Dec 21, 2003
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