Color deficiencies and color correction

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by MikeWhy, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. MikeWhy

    MikeWhy Guest

    Visicheck ( has a very cool Photoshop plug-in to simulate
    deuteranopia. For me personally, Protanope gamma 3.03 produces almost no
    perceptible change (on my monitor, likely with the calibration skewed, since
    I eyeballed it personally). Very highly saturated yellows become a little
    less so, but the difference is slight and the match exact otherwise. I
    believe the difference can be accounted for as a limitations of the monitor
    or the color space. Color samplers placed before applying the filter show a
    midling increase in red and green and no change in blue. The numeric
    difference is significant; the unchanged appearance can't be explained away
    any other way. I'm satisfied that that the filter represents the error
    between what I see, and what "normal" sighted people see.

    The question now is, how do I apply this new knowledge? Is it portable from
    image to image, system to system, and color model to color model? Should I
    continue to eyeball things until they express my intent, and then finish by
    applying the filter to "correct" it? Would it be better to develop a monitor
    profile to account for the vision difference? How would I go about doing

    Thankfully, I don't do this for a living...
    MikeWhy, Oct 16, 2003
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