Color and b/w laser options with low cost of operation

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by AD, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. AD

    AD Guest

    I see all the laser printer threads are very dated and given how
    retarded google groups are
    and that 2600, etc are long gone and mourned I feel entitled to start
    a new one

    Soo, if I do not want to go the jet route what are my options for
    color laser jets?
    Perferable if printer and/or cartridge does not need to be chipped if
    I want to refill on my own.

    10k pages+ cartridges are a must, I don't want to pay and arm and leg
    per page

    was thinking smth along the lines of kyocera c5150dn, but local
    customers claim
    that kyocera customer service is nothing short of horrible where I
    live (russia bundocks)
    swiping all the problem reports under the rugs and shifting the burden
    responsibility on customer shoulders.
    UK reviews for that particular model were favorable but I don't exist
    in vacuum
    and comes a warranty claim i don't want to be left hanging in limbo

    hp customer service around here claimed to be decent but I don't see a
    2600 successor
    and 2600 can't be found used here in any shape and form (plus
    cartridges might be a pain
    to find now)

    samsung probably does not have any color models yet, b/w 3710nd works
    like a champ
    though photo printing is a bit less than stellar.

    what are my options
    AD, Apr 5, 2013
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  2. AD

    Martin Brown Guest

    Aren't the standard toner cartridges on that good for about 3k pages?
    Dells are good for nominally 2k if you use 5% per page or whatever it
    is. I have yet to wear out a print engine but I have a spare anyway.

    You sort of have to specify your print volume before it becomes possible
    to compute total cost of ownership. The image drum is a big hit if you
    go much above 20k pages (and haven't bought a spare unit with extra
    toners at a knock down price from a second hand dealer).
    I have a Samsung duplex as workhorse and a Dell 1320cn for colour. The
    latter manages convincing artwork if used with the right paper. Third
    party toner cartridges for it are available cheaper than refill toner!

    Both these printers are fairly old but work well. I think the later Dell
    colour models don't review as favourably as mine but they are certainly
    worth a look at if you can find cheap good third party toner.

    There are plenty of colour Samsung printers in the UK. No idea if they
    are any good or not - I'm not in the market for one now. The Samsung
    mono is fine apart from the odd paper jam in the duplex mechanism (and
    the jams though thankfully rare are a real PITA to disentangle).
    Martin Brown, Apr 5, 2013
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  3. AD

    AD Guest

    depends on the printer obviously
    3710dn low capacity cartridge claim was 2k. lasted 1.5k
    though my wife typically prints above 5% use so that's fine.

    that's the problem with 5150: the drum is fixed in place so when it
    you'd have to throw out the printer

    we print about 2-3k pages per month, but for color I'd estimate under
    1k pages per month
    of that <1% will be photo prints

    on 3710 the drum is integrated into the cartridge
    so I guess it's a waste to replace it after 10k pages on high yield
    (and a BIG waste on the original low yield cartridge obviously)
    can't find dell 1320c for sale at local online merchants

    in fact I don't see any dell printers available here be that color OR

    meaning that cartridges would be pita to find even if I get a gray
    market dell
    (I think unlike whirlpool they won't honor warranty upon removal
    of the hw from the market it was sold in so I would not want to go
    gray market
    route for that reason either)

    which is a bummer given that dell2150 seems to have gotten okay
    from pcmag while xerox6500/N available here did not fare that well
    haven't used duplexer on 3710dn though one of the selling reasons was
    the accessibility of duplexer with a single touch of a mechanical
    control on the printer ;-)
    we haven't fed shitpaper to it yet, so no jams so far (without

    you have two passes on sheets with over 5% toner coverage on your
    it's a bit odd how 90% of the sheet pops out in the output tray
    only to immediately retract into the innards of the 3710
    for the second pass

    I thought only color ones do >1 pass
    AD, Apr 5, 2013
  4. AD-

    I am facing the same problem if anything happens to my HP2605DN, which
    has worked very well over the years. I believe it uses the same toner
    cartridges as your HP2600.

    If you come across a used 2605, it may have a bit more capability than
    your 2600, but they are about the same age. I have had no problem
    finding toner at the local office supply stores, but that could change
    in time.

    When I have looked at new printers, most have been multi-function
    models, not just printers. I do not need another scanner or copier!

    Fred McKenzie, Apr 5, 2013
  5. AD

    Martin Brown Guest

    Ouch! Although some lasers these days are under ?100 and remaindered
    ones that go out of fashion for being too big or bulky can be bargains.
    Toner refills work fine until the waste toner fills up. Something like
    2-3 refills the last with some risk of losing out.
    Probably not a good choice where you are then.
    Yes. It spits it out momentarily and then sucks it in again with a
    crunch as it flips it over. If something goes wrong then the paper ends
    up in a scrumpled heap deep inside requiring the whole lot taken apart.
    Only happened two or three times in four years though.
    Not when duplexing. Only minor annoyance with the Dell is one of the
    icons for hand feeding paper is misleading.
    Martin Brown, Apr 6, 2013
  6. AD

    AD Guest

    problem is I did not snatch 26xx when they were available
    I was merely referring to it because that's probably
    was one of the first with affordable entry price
    and cost of operation
    AD, Apr 8, 2013
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