Coding Practices, suggestions, feedbak appreciated

Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Alejandro Aleman, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Hi friends,

    I am in a training course to become a MCSD, currently i am in the first
    training of 3 (first become a MCP). I have 6 weeks going to the
    training, but at first i was developing with java and well its pretty

    I have made an agenda - phonebook - contact manager using MySQL and C#
    with FW 2.0 (VS2005) using menus, toolstrips, and many things.

    In the same ZIP is a MySQL database explorer wich retrieves the
    databases, tables and data from the connected host using basic sql
    statements, using ComboBox s and one datagirdview to show Data. if you
    clic a register, some data is copied to textboxes.

    I wish if you people could check it and give me feedback and suggestions
    to have better coding practices, this app was developed in 2 days, a
    little more, and for sure it has some things to improve, it works well
    but i am sure i can made it better.

    I give you the link to the download (at planet source code), also if you
    can give to me a vote, or feedback in the site, would be very
    appreciated. Really!

    This is the link:
    (in the bottom of the page i made a feedback, there is a link to
    download it with all compiled).

    Thak you very much in advance, i think you are the experts and your
    valoration is the most important and very apreciated.

    Alejandro Aleman
    Alejandro Aleman, Apr 23, 2006
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