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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by JohnNews, Nov 25, 2003.

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    How can I get hold of the HTML directory/folder and its file contents for my
    Catalyst 3550 switch ?

    Hello, I recently bought a Catalyst 3550 from an Ebay vendor. My current
    goal is to deploy Cisco Cluster Management Suite. I have read a few CMS
    troubleshooting documents and I am convinced that the problems I am having
    with setting up CMS is due to the NOW OBVIOUS fact that the required HTML
    folder (containing CMS files) is not present, at all, on the Catalyst 3550.

    The big question is how to get access to the missing HTML folder ?
    "Switch# SHOW VERSION" reveals that the catalyst 3550 has IOS 12.1 (13)

    * How do I get access to the IOS system files that came with the Catalyst
    3550 ? Is this the responsibility of the vendor ?
    * During the initial installation can the HTML folder be omitted or
    subsequently removed from the IOS image ?
    * I am considering reinstalling the current version of IOS, or better yet,
    UPGRADING to IOS 12.1 (19) EA1. How to get the upgraded version of IOS ?
    vendor or Cisco's
    web site
    * Does CISCO make its IOS available for download ? If not, how can I
    access the latest IOS for Cat 3550 ? Vendor ?

    Thanks in advance,
    JohnNews, Nov 25, 2003
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