Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Joanie, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. Joanie

    Joanie Guest

    I freely admit that I'm a total technophobe and have a very limited
    knowledge - unlike most of you. My husband was very technically minded
    but sadly he's now passed away so I sit here most of the time with
    thumb in mouth not knowing what to do.

    I'm about to buy a new computer and also a dvd recorder. I want to be
    able to download images from my digital camera onto the computer then
    to burn them onto a disc in order to view these photos on the
    television. What technical jargon do I need to look out for from a DVD
    player/recorder? The choices for the computer are:

    48X DVD/CDRW Combo Drive
    48x CDRW and 16x DVD-ROM
    8x/4x DVD+R/+RW
    8x/4x DVD+R/+RW and 48 x CDROM
    8x/4x DVD+R/+RW and 16x DVD
    16X DVD+RW
    16x DVD+R/+RW and 48 x CDROM
    16x DVD+R/+RW and 16x DVD

    I would be extremely grateful for any helpful information as I seem to
    be lost in a forest of technical jargon.
    Joanie, Jul 31, 2004
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  2. Joanie

    Galley Guest

    I would choose this one because it offers the best DVD-burning speed, and it has
    a good old-fashioned CD-ROM that could be used to read hybrid Super Audio CDs.
    From what I have read, 16x is pretty much the physical limit for DVD-burning, so
    don't expect to see a faster drive is months down the road. Likewise,
    CD-burning's barrier is approx. 48x.
    Depending on the software that comes with your PC, you may want to invest in an
    all-around burning suite such as Nero 6 Ultra Edition.
    Many stand-alone DVD players will display JPEG's, and for that a CD-R should be
    plenty, as it will hold hundreds and hundreds of images.
    Galley, Aug 1, 2004
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  3. Joanie

    Jay G Guest

    That's not a CD burner though, just a CD-ROM.

    Let's look at the list again:

    48X DVD/CDRW Combo Drive
    48x CDRW and 16x DVD-ROM
    8x/4x DVD+R/+RW
    8x/4x DVD+R/+RW and 48 x CDROM
    8x/4x DVD+R/+RW and 16x DVD
    16X DVD+RW
    16x DVD+R/+RW and 48 x CDROM
    16x DVD+R/+RW and 16x DVD

    DVD burners will be able to read and write CDs, so
    you don't need to worry about a CDRW drive, which
    elminates the first 2. All the descriptions with "and" in
    it mean that you get a second drive of whatever's after
    the "and." A second drive is handy if you're going to be
    copying discs, but otherwise not necessary. The
    drives listed as DVD-ROM or just DVD are not burners.

    The difference between a DVD+R and DVD+RW is
    that DVD+R is permanent, while DVD+RW is rewritable,
    meaning you can erase the disc and record something
    new on it. RW discs are more expensive though.

    The "8x/4x" and "16x" are burning speeds, meaning they
    burn so many times faster than the speed at which a DVD
    is read by a DVD player. So, going for just the fastest
    DVD burner, I'd chose a 16x DVD+R/+RW. I don't
    know if the one listed as "16X DVD+RW" is a DVD+R
    burner as well. It most likely is, though you may want
    to double check with the seller.

    Jay G, Aug 1, 2004
  4. Joanie

    Galley Guest

    Hybrid SACDs cannot be read in DVD-ROM or DVD-RW drives; only in CD-RW or CD-ROM
    drives. I guess I'm just "special". ;-)
    Galley, Aug 2, 2004
  5. Joanie

    Jay G Guest

    Not according to this thread:

    Notable quotes:
    "No drive in a personal computer can play back the SACD layer of a disc,

    "Some SACDs will not play on some computer players. I have a Pioneer
    104s DVD (slot loading) dvd-rom drive. Dark Side of the Moon plays just
    fine, while Sting's Sacred Love.... does not play."

    Jay G, Aug 3, 2004
  6. Joanie

    Galley Guest

    Note that I said Hybrid SACDs. That means that the PC is reading the standard
    CD audio layer.
    Galley, Aug 3, 2004
  7. Joanie

    Jay G Guest

    Note that the second quote says that some DVD-ROM drives can play
    at least *some* hybrid discs, again the standard CD audio layer. The
    thread I linked to, and other discussions on the web, also mention that
    even CD-ROM drives can have problems playing hybrid SACDs.

    Jay G, Aug 3, 2004
  8. Joanie

    Galley Guest

    OK, this time I actually read the message board. ;-)
    I was able to play hybrid discs on a Sony DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo drive in a Sony
    VAIO laptop. I have never had one that could be read in a DVD-RW. I do have a
    Pioneer slot-loading DVD-ROM in another PC. I should try one in it. :)
    Luckily, my eMachines came with a good old-fashioned CD-ROM in addition to the
    Galley, Aug 4, 2004
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