Closing port 135 and disabling DCOM affect Task Scheduler?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by updata, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. updata

    updata Guest

    I recently had a reason to set up a scheduled task for the first time in
    quite awhile. However, I couldn't start my Task Scheduler Service.

    My operating system is Windows 2000, sp4 with the updated rollup pack v2.

    I found that the only way to start the service was to right click on the
    mstask.inf file and install. That asked for the SP4 update version of
    mstask.exe and mstinit.exe on the original Windows 2000 OS disk.

    After successfully starting the service, I now get constant auto updates from
    Microsoft asking me to install the Update Rollup SP4, which was already

    I decided to install it again and whenever I do (I even intalled another time
    in safe mode), I can't open the Task Scheduler service. Each time I have to
    reinstall mstask.inf, and that always brings back the MS Auto update icon
    asking to reinstall SP4.

    Several months ago, I closed port 135 by disabling DCOM and adding a string
    to the registry. Could that have disabled the Task Scheduler service, and
    if I reverse what I did to close port 135, and reinstall SP4 again, will that
    solve both problems (SP4 installation requests and Task Scheduler Service)?
    updata, Jan 4, 2008
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  2. updata

    why? Guest

    On Fri, 04 Jan 2008 15:30:34 -0600, wrote:

    Do you own the domain If not do they let you send spam to
    thier servers so you son't get it?

    Guessing this isn't you?

    whois -h ...
    Registrant: Inc.
    1201 North Market Street
    18th Floor
    Wilmington, DE 19801
    Domain name: NOEMAIL.COM
    Administrative Contact:
    1201 North Market Street
    18th Floor
    Wilmington, DE 19801

    Try reading 1 or more of these
    Instead of 2000.general, what about
    That rings a gong.... since I can't remember then

    RPC used 135, it's not a dependency is it, check in services.

    Usual places to check
    (yes it's XP, services still services)

    This is XP also, but mostly the same

    Upgrade the version of MSI before soing SP4.
    Why not just try it.....then you would know.

    TS depends on RPC.

    why?, Jan 4, 2008
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  3. updata

    updata Guest

    Judging by how many people are using that alias, you wonder if
    it's worth actually registering it (a web search indicates it's quite
    popular). To satisfy you, I changed it to some very generic group of
    letters (not as varied as yours though).

    It's getting so that you can't find an email suffix to use that hasn't been
    registered already! Obviously I didn'intend to use one that had a
    registered domain. I'm sure you know the reason - so that some spammer
    doesn't pick up actual email addresses from the groups.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I think I corrected the reinstallation of the
    update for sp4, but I still haven't been able to start the Task Scheduler
    yet. Reopening the port and enabling D-com didn't help.
    updata, Jan 5, 2008
  4. updata

    why? Guest

    It is registered, I included the owner details from a whois search.

    You know this bit,
    Registrant: Inc.

    Read this as well, it's also mentioned (.invalid) in the munge articles,
    To safely satisfy these needs, four domain names are reserved as
    listed and described below.
    ..test .example .invalid

    ".invalid" is intended for use in online construction of domain
    names that are sure to be invalid and which it is obvious at a
    glance are invalid.

    However .invalid is easy to remove so at least use another of the
    guidelines as well.
    Not me, the domain isn't yours, the address is vaild so spam is sent to
    thier servers by the address you used.

    You did read the articles about munging an address then? You still have
    a .com , it's unlikely anyone will register kfjslkfjaslfjaslfja , but
    you can use the simple rules the articles mentioned.

    Ok so mine is anonymous, breaks 1 of the guides but that's the way
    things are, I don't want email from the ng's.
    Mine is a valid format and slightly and simply encoded. Yes broke 2nd
    rule didn't say how to undo it. However if you search 24hshd I think I
    did say once.
    Which is just what you did :-( anyway.

    Using <snip> is handy as well.

    Okay, what about

    Task Scheduler Service Must Be Started with System Account
    When you attempt to start Task Scheduler, you may receive the one of the
    following error messages: Error 2147750678: Could not start the Task
    Scheduler ... - Similar pages

    Check the event log for start errors related to TS.
    Using event viewer -

    why?, Jan 5, 2008
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