Cloning so a SATA drive, boting form a SATA drive?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by R. Giggs., Nov 7, 2012.

  1. R. Giggs.

    R. Giggs. Guest

    I am not 100% sure the cursor flashes, I'd have to take a closer look next
    My BIOS seems to freeze at every oppertunity it gets ie as it did with
    the drive with the SMART errors, I think it shoudl perhaps have still booted
    despite the errors, but not 100% sure.

    There may be an update available for my BIOS but I certainly would not be
    attempting to install an update untill I have another machine to fall back
    I am very cautious when it comes to thing like that, which is perhas why I
    have not totally
    screwed my machine up yet, although I have came close to it a few time.
    Indeed just now using the other SATA port seemed to screw it up, it said
    new hard ware detected and gave me the hourglasss which never disapeared.
    I got round it by restarting explorer, I don't know if it will occur again
    now, but
    I can alway disconnect the SATA drive or go back to the other port. Anyhow
    would not boot on that port/connector either.

    Just as well as I don't fancy using win98 again, far too unstable!!
    Although it would be better than nothing, but I expect it is less likelly to
    work than XP anyway.
    Good job you metioned that because I had that turned off, I have turned it
    back on now.

    I can't find that, not too sure where to look for it.

    For the 500gb drive

    on the ide ATA/ATAPI controler


    and on the PCI bit also:-


    Apart from those there does not seem to be anything else related to the
    or their buses. No mention of SATA in there at all. Maybe it's done in the
    hardware, I really
    have little idea about how it works.

    For example it is not like this-

    I don't have the line starting Intel etc...

    It's more lilke this

    But with out the top 2 two sata lines, I just have 2 primary 2 secondary and
    2 2 standard duel channel PCI.

    So I don't really know what is going on there.
    But as I said I don't see why you could not have a chip or some hardware
    on the mobo to convert ide to sata.

    Any how on those entries I notice I seem to have a device on each of the
    primary channels in ultra dma mode 5 and one device on a secondary channel
    on ultra dma mode 2. I suspect the 3 are, my system drive, my DVD drive and
    the 500 gig drive perhaps.
    So I am thinking if I disconnect the SATA drive totally one of those devices
    will disappear
    where it says 'current transfer mode' as if there is nothing there there
    will not be a mode.

    So I can try that sometime.

    But anyhow all a bit confusing lol.

    R. Giggs., Nov 8, 2012
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  2. R. Giggs.

    R. Giggs. Guest

    Just remembered I have a UBS drive connected too just to confuse things!!
    R. Giggs., Nov 8, 2012
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  3. R. Giggs.

    R. Giggs. Guest

    And not much happened, certainly could not boot on the lone SATA drive.
    When I booted on both I got new hardware detected and and hourglass which
    went away untill I killed and restaarted explorer.

    I also booted on linux thing and tried to load the ISO but it never listed
    al it listed was folders. I think it was looking for a different file
    other than .ISO but it could not find it.

    However I notice now I have another .iso in my downloads folder, it's size
    of 1.7 gig matches the download I expected so maybe I should have used that
    I am not sure, but as it didn't list the smaller .iso I doubt it owuld list
    the larget one.
    It was called KB3AIK_EN.iso

    So..... I don't seem to be getting very far!!
    R. Giggs., Nov 8, 2012
  4. R. Giggs.

    Paul Guest

    Device Manager is a graphical way to dump information about
    the hardware and the drivers.

    Everest (from Lavalys) can also dump a huge amount of info
    about hardware, but would probably need quite a bit of
    editing to get just the core info.

    But Microsoft also makes devcon.exe, which outputs text
    in a command prompt window.

    For example, in a (DOS) command prompt window, I did the
    following sequence.

    cd \
    cd downloads
    cd devcon
    cd i386
    dir (prove the program is present)

    devcon driverfiles * > output.txt

    What the last line does, is dump VEN/DEV lines, as well
    as lists of driver files, all into a single text file. In
    that example, I chose "output.txt" as the file to get
    redirection of the text. You then open the output.txt file
    in Notepad, and read it.;EN-US;Q311272

    "Download the DevCon package now. Release Date: Jan-29-2003"

    When you get the devcon.exe file, I think it's self-extracting.
    I open files like that with 7ZIP, and get the file I want
    that way. In this case, the i386\devcon.exe file inside that
    is the one you want. It works with a 32 bit OS. If your OS
    was 64 bit, then you'd need an entirely different recipe for
    getting the file (as it's not actually available from the above
    KB311272 article).

    This is a chunk of that kind of output, for my Intel SATA ports.

    Name: Intel(R) ICH9R/DO/DH 4 port Serial ATA Storage Controller 1 - 2920
    Driver installed from c:\windows\inf\oem16.inf [pciide_Inst].
    3 file(s) used by driver:

    The SB400 controls up to eight disks as a chip. In what should be
    four pairs. So there should be four chunks similar to the one
    I posted. What you'd be looking for, is whether they were all
    using pciide.sys type entries, or not. The Silicon Image
    driver install, would be using si3112.sys, just for comparison.
    The two controllers for the two IDE ribbon cables, that
    might be pciide.sys. But the SATA ports might be different.
    Based on what I was seeing in the INF file, I'm hoping you'll
    find at least one chunk with a "DEV_4379" in it.


    Paul, Nov 8, 2012
  5. R. Giggs.

    R. Giggs. Guest

    There is a VERY INTERESTNG one here!!!

    "Hi. I am trying to replace the original 200gb IDE drive on my eMachines
    with a new 1tb SATA drive on a MS-7184 mobo. The mobo manual claims that you
    can boot from a SATA drive.
    I have cloned my entire C: drive (with XP) from the IDE to the SATA drive
    (using Norton Ghost 12), but if I disconnect the IDE drive, the computer
    won't start up."

    and later...

    "I went back and redid the drive copy using Western Dig's utility instead of
    Norton Ghost, and it's working!!!! "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So I have downloaded that am installing it so I will have a go with that and
    see what happens......
    R. Giggs., Nov 8, 2012
  6. R. Giggs.

    R. Giggs. Guest

    Well thanks for that, interesting stuff, but I have something to report.

    I did a clone with Acronis True Image and.....glory be..........

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WORKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yep just checked to make sure the old disk is not connected and it isn't!!!!

    Well after all that, chased a few red herrings, not to sure what that clone
    and the other didn't, perhaps Western DIgital do something odd with their
    But whatever I can finally boot on the SATA drive!!
    R. Giggs., Nov 8, 2012
  7. R. Giggs.

    R. Giggs. Guest

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WORKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yep just checked to make sure the old disk is not connected and it isn't!!!!

    Well after all that, chased a few red herrings, not to sure why that clone
    and the other didn't, perhaps Western DIgital do something odd with their
    But whatever I can finally boot on the SATA drive!!
    R. Giggs., Nov 8, 2012
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