Clonezilla, a HD partiting tool

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Gordon, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. Gordon

    Gordon Guest

    I done more than a few HD partitions with partiamge via the Rescue CD. Works
    well. The only slight annoyance is not being able to select from a list of
    backup images. These have long and meaningful names once one can see them,
    but remembering them is another matter.

    Clonezilla is another front end to partimage. It is a live CD like Rescue
    CD and it comes from Taiwan. This leads to the English is not my first
    lanaguge slight on the instructions.

    Nevertheless there is also the culture impression. While doing a test
    restore of an image the Question is asked going to .... is this what you
    want? y/N. Giving the yes option results in

    I ask you again Are you sure you want to.... y/N.

    Rather friendly I thought, and not the same style that one sees from

    Clonezilla does show up a list of possible images one can restore from, which
    makes it easier to use than plain partimage.

    If one wants a whole disk backed up, just chose this option and then
    Clonezilla will backup all the partitions.

    A folder is used for the partition files and the other files connected to
    the image(s).

    In some ways it is more complex as it seems that there are so many screens
    to follow compared to Partiamge/Rescue CD but it all about making one choice
    at a time. The command line is given before the backing up starts so one can
    use this if you are doing it often.

    Anyway there is another player on the field. You might like to give it a
    Gordon, Nov 24, 2008
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