Clone Notebook HDD to new HDD

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by JTJersey, May 31, 2004.

  1. JTJersey

    JTJersey Guest

    I want to replace the hard drive in my IBM Thinkpad with a faster 20Gig
    HDD. The Thinkpad has Win98SE on it. I tried a USB drive enclosure
    purchased from, but I couldn't get the unit to be
    recognized. (Admittedly it was an on-sale item for $9.99, and it wouldn't
    work in any computer I tried. There sending me a new one.) Next I tried a
    drive converter that's supposed to allow you to connect 2.5" HDD's to a
    desktop PC. The converters also came from and are a
    small circuit board with provisions for a standard power plug and IDE
    cable with a plug for the 2.5"HDD on the other side. Tried for days to
    come up with a combination where I could get both 2.5" drives to work with
    the PC's 3.5" drive, but no luck. I'm beginning to think the converters
    are defective. Is there an easy way to copy a laptop HDD for replacement?
    JTJersey, May 31, 2004
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  2. JTJersey

    Michael-NC Guest

    Never had trouble with a 2.5" adapter. Are you going into the bios and
    seeing the drive? Sure you're hooking up the adapter and power supply
    Michael-NC, May 31, 2004
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  3. JTJersey

    JTJersey Guest

    There's nothing on the adapters (I bought two of them) to indicate pin #1
    so I've been guessing. The BIOS hasn't show anything for either of the two
    2.5" drives I've got under any of the configurations I've tried. I've
    tried setting jumpers to Master/Slave in various combinations with the
    main HDD and also on the secondary IDE connector. I'm surprised I'm
    having this much trouble. This is a no brainer using standard 3.5" drives
    on a desktop PC.
    JTJersey, May 31, 2004
  4. JTJersey

    Thor Guest

    Pin 1 on the drive is closest to the 4 jumper pins that are separated by a
    space from the main set of 44 pins. With the adapter plugged into the drive,
    pin 1 on the ribbon cable should orient to the same side of the adapter,
    logically following through to the same set of pins on the drive.
    Thor, May 31, 2004
  5. JTJersey

    JTJersey Guest

    Thanks, makes sense. Basically the adapter is just a pass through
    connector I guess. I'm still not getting a read on the 2.5" HDD in the
    BIOS though. Tried jumper settings all over the place. I was anticipating
    setting the 3.5" drive in the PC to Master and the 2.5" drive on the
    adapter to Slave. It doesn't seem as if the 2.5" HDD is running. The
    power connector is in as far as it can go, but I should be able to hear or
    feel some motion from the drive, but I don't. Again I'm wondering if both
    of these adapters I bought are bad. Could be my luck.
    JTJersey, Jun 1, 2004
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