Clicking Email Links in Firefox and Opening Another Firefox Window

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Elizabeth, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Guest

    First, this is not a problem with making Firefox my default browser.
    It already is.

    I have been using IE but recently switched to Firefox because I run
    Win98, and IE has lots of security problems. But with IE, in Tools
    automatically when I clicked an email link in a Web site. I use Web
    mail; my email domain,, uses AT&T Yahoo Mail, which is
    actually just Yahoo Mail. So in IE I specfied AT&T Yahoo Mail. When I
    clicked an email link, another IE window opened to a Yahoo Mail
    compose screen.

    Firefox does not have that option. I can set it as my default browser,
    but that does nothing with email. So, even though I am in Firefox when
    i click an email link. it opens an IE window for my AT&T Yahoo Mail.

    A guy who was working on my computer (Doctor Jay in Michigan) found a
    Web site with an extension that addresses this problem for
    most Web mail, including Gmail and Yahoo Mail. So I thought it would
    help in my case, but it just opens a Gmail login screen because it
    doesn't recognize as yahoo mail, I guess.

    Anyone know how I can click an email link to open a compose screen in
    another Firefox window,
    not IE?

    Elizabeth, Aug 15, 2006
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