Clearing ARP Cache

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Jun 5, 2007.

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    Guest Guest

    I am running Windows XP. I am trying to set up a wireless network using a
    Linksys router. After connecting the Comcast modem to the router, I then
    connect the router to the desktop. The connection does not work. I go to
    Network Connections and click on the Repair icon. I keep getting the message
    that I cannot repair the connection because the system could not "clear the
    ARP Cache."

    Can anyone tell me how to clear the ARP Cache?

    Guest, Jun 5, 2007
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  2. Run> cmd

    Enter: netsh interface ip delete arpcache

    -Evan [MSFT]

    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
    Evan Enquist [MSFT], Jun 12, 2007
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  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Evan - This worked. Thanks for your help
    Guest, Jun 13, 2007
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Guest, Sep 7, 2007
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