Cleaning the insides on a lens

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Siddhartha Jain, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. I thought of that, but I suspected the problems of exposure might
    complicate the situation.
    Joseph Meehan, Nov 3, 2005
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  2. Siddhartha Jain

    Rich Guest

    Not if someone put an expensive ($7000) lens away in a closet for 8
    years when it was freezing cold from being outside. What do you
    supposed the interior of the lens was like? Had to be disassembled,
    cleaned and reassembled.
    Rich, Nov 3, 2005
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  3. Siddhartha Jain

    phk Guest

    Not only is it physically difficult, requiring specialized tools, but
    unless you re-assemble it in a very dry environment, internal humidity
    will cause fogging if you take it out in the cold.
    phk, Nov 3, 2005
  4. Where does he say he reassembled it?

    He said he disasembled it, and then basically destroyed it by
    chipping some elements and that he was unable to "drop" an
    element into place.

    That was an expensive lesson, and it's nice of him to pass on the
    experience... ;-)
    Floyd Davidson, Nov 3, 2005
  5. Siddhartha Jain

    kashe Guest

    Or try some _very_ gentle "percussive maintenance" on it to
    see if it can be induced to move to a less intrusive position. Have
    you actually been able to spot a flaw in a finished picture which can
    be attributed to the bug?
    kashe, Nov 4, 2005
  6. Siddhartha Jain

    kashe Guest

    Of course I do. It's the reason my godmother started calling
    me Housewrecker when I was just five years old. In later years, she
    kept a supply of clocks for me to take apart. I think she got them
    from second-hand (no pun intended) stores. I don't really know, as I
    never checked to see if they were working before taking them apart.

    Eventually the observational skills thus gained did lead to my
    being able to disassemble and successfully reassemble lots of stuff.
    kashe, Nov 4, 2005
  7. Disassembling and reassembling camera lenses (and having them work
    right afterward) requires extensive training and equipment not
    available to the average individual.
    Randall Ainsworth, Nov 4, 2005
  8. Words to live by, the same goes for shutters....take it from the
    voice of experience. I once got the bug to fix a Copal shutter on
    a Schneider lens, truly a gruesome realization that yes the little
    buggers are quite complex -as it many small parts that don't go
    back together as neatly as they become disassembled. Never again.
    Little Green Eyed Dragon, Nov 4, 2005
  9. Siddhartha Jain

    Rich Guest

    No, I saw it done with a Kowa spotting scope. It's fluorite element.
    I've never owned one myself.
    Rich, Nov 5, 2005
  10. Siddhartha Jain

    Rich Guest

    This was an older, non-electrical lens. I doubt I'd try it with
    a new one.
    Rich, Nov 5, 2005
  11. Siddhartha Jain

    Doug Warner Guest

    Same here. Went to adjust the timing of my OM-1 shutter..
    I kept the camera as a reminder not to attempt such things in the
    Doug Warner, Nov 6, 2005
  12. Siddhartha Jain

    Donald Gray Guest

    On Sun, 06 Nov 2005 00:41:59 -0500, Doug Warner


    I can see whats wrong - the little spring in the left lower part is

    Give the bits to any 8 year old & he/she will be taking Pulitzer
    quality stuff on it before nightfall....
    Donald Gray, Nov 6, 2005
  13. That would make a neat display if you got one of thos glass-top coffee
    tables with storage space underneath. You could lay out the parts in
    roughly the relative positions they occupied in the camera, sort of like
    an exploded view assembly diagram.

    And when you don't want to be reminded of the experience, cover the
    coffee table with a cloth. :)

    Dave Martindale, Nov 6, 2005
  14. Siddhartha Jain

    Doug Warner Guest

    Unfortunately, there's no enough parts to spread out much:
    This also includes the parts of a junk lens I bought and disassembled
    just to help fill the jar :)
    Doug Warner, Nov 6, 2005
  15. Oh my. I'm pretty good at taking apart small electronic devices
    and getting them back together again in working order, but I'm glad I
    didn't try working on that camera.

    Dave Martindale, Nov 8, 2005
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